No doubt, the 2019 Boston Red Sox team was completely different than the year before. Be sure to check out my Boston Red Sox Win World Series post to read about last year’s magical season.

2019 Boston Red Sox

After last year’s team won a team high of 108 games; this year’s team had a World Series hangover. Be sure to visit my Red Sox World Series Hangover 2019 post to read what went wrong.

In the first place, one of the biggest disappointments of the season was the team’s starting pitchers. Chris Sale who has been one of the best pitchers in baseball had his worst year in the majors. Sale went 6 – 11 and was on the injury list most of the year. So, the big question is why did Sale receive a $145 million contract extension by Dave Dombrowski?

In addition to Sale’s poor numbers; both David Price and Rick Porcello had bad years. In addition, Nathan Eovaldi spent most of the season on the IL.

Consequently, the only good starting pitcher was Eduardo Rodriguez. Due to the bullpen faltering on the last game of the regular season; Rodriguez fell short of a 20 win season.

Ironically, it was the starting pitching that was one of the biggest downfalls of the season. Meanwhile, no matter how good the team was offensively; the starters didn’t do their job. Also, the bullpen was unreliable most of the season.

In essence, the ownership didn’t even wait until the end of the season to dismiss Dombrowski. Although the team won the division three year’s in a row and a World Series Championship; John Henry has made it clear that the relationship with Dombrowski deteriorated shortly after the World Series.

2019 Boston Red Sox Team Off Season

With the regular season in the rear view mirror; it is time for the Sox to ponder their next move. Indeed, one of their first orders of business is to find a leader for baseball operations.

Meanwhile with Mookie Betts on the last year of his contract; will he be traded in the off-season? Also, will J.D. Martinez choose to opt out of the final year of his contract?

In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes the Red Sox made was they made no moves last year to replace two relievers; nor did they do much of anything.

Another big issue facing the new leader of baseball operations is to avoid the luxury tax threshold. Also, replenishing the farm system is another goal for the team. No doubt, the new leader of baseball operations for the Boston Red Sox will have their hands full.

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