A Star is Born is the third remake of a well known film. Ironically, some consider this the fourth remake of this movie. First and foremost, this movie has every type of music performed, that will have the biggest critics enjoying the songs.

A Star is Born

When I went to see Crazy Rich Asians recently, I learnt this movie was being remade by Bradley Cooper. Since I enjoyed an earlier version I saw with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson many years ago, I was looking forward to seeing this version.

So the first version was made in 1937. In the second version, the movie was about a drunk film director who meets a young woman at a restaurant and helps her to become actress. For more on the first version, it was titled, “What Price Hollywood”.

In the third remake, this starred Streisand and Kristofferson. Although this didn’t get positive reviews, it was one of the highest grossing films in 1976.

A Star is Born Movie Review

So, off my Hubby and I went this past weekend to see this movie. From the minute it started, I enjoyed the music, chemistry and acting. In this fourth version, Cooper plays Jackson Maine, who is a rock star.

Not only is Bradley Cooper, the leading actor for this film, but he also directed this movie. Lady Gaga makes her acting debut. Cooper plays a musician who is fading from the spotlight; but is still a well-known country rock star. When he stops in for a drink in a drag club; he is memorized by Ally (Lady Gaga), and from there, the story begins.

Not only is this the story of two people who are into music; but it is the story of two people falling in love with each other’s talent and each other. In my opinion, the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga make their characters believable. As Jackson helps Ally emerge as a true talent, we see how alcohol and drugs can pull people apart.

As Ally becomes more successful, Jackson faces his demons of his youth and hard-core drinking and drugs. After embarrassing Ally at the Grammy’s, Jackson enter rehabilitation.

In my opinion, this movie is worth seeing due to the music and strong acting performances by the leading actors, as well as Sam Elliott and Andrew Dice Clay.

Have you seen A Star is Born? Are you planning to see this remake?

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