Adult jigsaw puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain and bring you hours of enjoyment.  Children are introduced to puzzles early in their lives consisting of a few large pieces.  As Children age, more advancement in pictures and shapes are part of their development.  Jigsaw puzzles have been a form of entertainment for children and adults for centuries.  Puzzle building can be a full brain workout.

Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

Today, adults enjoy the experience of opening up a brand new puzzle box.  Perception and coordination help enhance creativity, problem solving and motor skills for both adults and children.   My Husband recent bought me a Vogue Charles James Ball Gown puzzle as a gift.  This 1000 fashion piece puzzle brought me hours of enjoyment.  I worked on this puzzle over the last several months and with the help of my Husband, I recently completed it.  This puzzle was challenging, yet provided me with an opportunity to de-stress, keep me alert and expand my creativity.    While looking at the pieces regularly, it provided good aid for me mentally.

Since Edie’s death, I have had a difficult time focusing.  By focusing on the puzzle, it provided meditation and a calmness that I needed.  I received immense pleasure creating this puzzle on a daily basis.  Also it sharpens my memory and clears the cobwebs.  Furthermore I start seeing things differently.  Finding a solution to the puzzle also helped me see certain problems clearer.

With the help of my husband, I was able to complete the puzzle last week.  This puzzle building is what many doctors suggest is quite therapeutic.   My Husband bought a beautiful frame for this masterpiece.  Every time I walk by, I will remember the hours of pleasure putting together this puzzle brought me.

Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

So next time you feel like doing something creative, consider getting lost in one of these creative adult jigsaw puzzles.