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Lynne Black, Owner of LRB & Associates, is a Freelance Blogger/Writer and Consultant. Profoundly driven and a perfectionist by nature. Lynne is committed to working with Businesses, Clients and other Professionals, Lynne devoted her time to studying Fashion Merchandising and earning an Associates Degree and continuing an education in Business earning a B.S. Degree. Lynne has continued her education and took a program in pre-law which has guided me in negotiation and legal contractual agreements. To ensure flawless placement and client satisfaction, Lynne's results and achievements enabled her to be recognized as one of the Top Independent Sales Offices in Women's Wholesale Apparel throughout the USA and enabled me the respect and national recognition thru Who's Who. In addition, I have been invited to participate in many CEO Million Dollar Groups and other successful professional groups. A few years ago, I transitioned to being a Freelance Blogger/Writer and Consultant. My goal is to inspire others by creating interesting articles and posts. Building on these successes, Lynne is intent on achieving more to continue to grow LRB & Associates and Client Web Sites through continuing my pursuit in education and participating in various forums. Family Life: Lynne is married and resides on the Northshore. In my spare time, Lynne indulges in fine dining, cooking, art, pilates, travel and is a die-hard Boston Redsox Fan

Great Pumpkin Story 2019

When I was a little girl, I was always excited about the great pumpkin. Every year, I looked forward to Charlie Brown – It’s the Great Pumpkin. Now, that I’m older; not much has changed. Indeed, there is something about Fall and the month of October that has me looking for the best pumpkins to carve. […]

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National Dessert Day October 14

National Dessert Day is today. So, this fun non-holiday is a day to eat rich and yummy treats. Of course, today is a day you can skip counting calories. And, than tomorrow you can go back to eating healthy. […]

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Cookbook Launch Day October 12th

Cookbook launch day is today. So, have you written a cookbook? Of course, if you haven’t written your own cookbook; why not start today? […]

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Best Little Black Dress Style 2019

This season, the best little black dress will be one of your favorite items in your wardrobe. In the same fashion, there is no style more iconic than a black dress. […]

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New Next Now Fashionable Styles

When you think about wearing new next now fashionable styles; what comes to mind? So, what styles will you be wearing today? Tomorrow? Next month? […]

Busy Sports Month October 2019

Did you know October is a busy sports month? So, maybe you didn’t know this. Well, think about it. In the first place, this month when you turn on your television set; you will most likely find your favorite sports game on. […]

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Keto Supplements – Ketond

Did you know there is a real benefit of adding Keto supplements – Ketond to your health? In recent years, one of the most popular diets for weight loss and health is the Ketogenic Diet. Be sure to check out my Ketogenic Diet Beginners Guide post to read more about the benefits of this diet. […]

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Fashion Sneakers Trend Guide 2019

Whether you’re shopping for fashion sneakers to wear to the gym, work, casual time or weekends; my trend guide will help you find some new footwear as well as how to style them. […]

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2019 Boston Red Sox Team Summary

No doubt, the 2019 Boston Red Sox team was completely different than the year before. Be sure to check out my Boston Red Sox Win World Series post to read about last year’s magical season. […]

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Fall Winter Biggest Color Trends

Fall Winter biggest color trends are warm and flattering. So each season, Pantone creates a color overview. Are you ready for what color story you will see for the Fall and Winter season? […]

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