Autism Awareness Month is in April. Indeed, this is an important month to understand this disease and to make a difference.

Autism Awareness Month

First and foremost, this month began in April 1970 by the Autism Society. Did you know that one in every 59 children just in the United States alone has this disease? Shocked by these statistics?

When someone is diagnosed with this disease; typically they are facing challenges arising from communication, social skills, and repetitive behavioral challenges.

At the same time, there are many different types of this disorder. Recently, Amy Schumer let the cat out of the bag on an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that her husband is on the autism spectrum. By speaking out about this publicly; she is hopeful people realize the importance of an early diagnosis.

Since there are different characteristics of this disease; every situation is different. Meanwhile, anyone who can relate to this disease should read “The Girl He Used to Know”. To read more about this book, check out my The Girl He Used to Know Book Review post.

Meanwhile, the more people understand about this disease; there will be more empathy and support.

Light Blue, Share Blue, Wear Blue

So, this year the Society is asking everyone to go blue. By going blue, you’re increasing awareness of this disease. Since many don’t know how to deal with those who have this disease; there are things you can do.

In the same fashion, today is the day to wear blue. Of course, everyone has something blue in their wardrobe. And, if you want to support the cause; be sure to shop “How to Light it up Blue“.

Show your Support for Autism

No doubt, it is important that everyone come together to understand this disease.

Communication is vital. When you encounter someone with this disease; show compassion. If you encounter someone in a classroom setting; get them involved in an activity or a small group setting. Moreover, the more a person sees or hears someone; they will become more comfortable in a social setting.

Ultimately, the purpose of this month is to ensure that anyone who has this disease can have the best life possible. It is important to make a person’s journey easier by being patient and showing respect.

Generally speaking, the more people do, they will help enhance a child’s or adult’s life. For every step taken, there can be a better quality of life today and tomorrow.

For an inspiring story on autism, be sure to check out The Good Doctor. In summary, this show will inspire you and show you the sky is the limit.

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