Since early 2019, I have had an interesting automotive car journey. When I last went shopping, I was leasing an Audi A5. Be sure to check out my Car Shopping post to read about my last car experience.

Automotive Car Journey

When I first started my automotive car journey; I visited the Lexus dealership where I leased my prior vehicle.

At the same time, I received messages and email correspondence from the new Lexus General Manager. Briefly, I explained my dissatisfaction with the dealership and she asked me to give her a little bit of time to price a vehicle. Although she got back to me within days; the numbers didn’t work for me.

I continued to check out vehicles and fell in love with the Volvo XC40 and I was told it would be few months before they received the vehicle I wanted.

As I continued to wait for the Volvo’s arrival, I reached out to the Sales Manager with a few questions. Unfortunately, this particular Manager had poor communication skills and I was turned off. After a few calls to other Volvo dealerships nearby; I decided to speak to the General Manager of the dealership close to my home.

After meeting with the G.M., we shook hands and came to an agreement. He introduced me to a saleswoman and she promised to phone me within a day or two with some vehicles on route to the dealership. Time went by and I never received a phone call.

Lexus UX Hybrid

Shortly after, I received a phone call from a salesman at my local Lexus dealership.  After I explained to him my disinterest in Lexus due to the poor service; he asked me to give him a chance to make my automotive car journey experience right.

I scheduled an appointment and visited the dealership; and I fell in love with the UX Hybrid. Although the salesman wasn’t a fit; I met with the new General Manager a few weeks after. When I met with the G.M., I immediately felt comfortable.

In summary, we struck a deal; however the vehicle had to be ordered. Lexus didn’t make the UX with a built in navigation system. In addition, I wanted a specific color (caviar black with grey leather; and surprisingly the one I received is the only one in the country, so lucky me.

Automotive Car Journey August 2019

From April to the end of last week, I patiently waited. Finally, my vehicle arrived over a week early. Sadly, the G.M. left before I picked up my new vehicle.

Happily, I’m already driving my new Lexus UX Hybrid.

In conclusion, it will be another 2.5 years before I begin this process all over again.

As always, I welcome your comments.