Because I’m a foodie, I always look forward to different Aruba dining spots to check-out each time we vacation there as well as our tried and true favorites. Although Aruba is known for its beautiful weather, it also has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean.

Aruba Dining Spots

So before I even arrive, I usually have a lot of reservations booked. And, of course this past trip was no exception. For many people visiting Aruba, they have their favorite restaurants. But, I have found many of these choices to be tourist traps. When my Husband and I tried these restaurants early on, overall we weren’t impressed. Hence, Madame Janette.

Another restaurant that has gone downhill is Flying Fishbone. When my Husband and I went a few years ago with another couple; we had a wonderful experience. However, when we went back a short time thereafter, the food wasn’t the same.

In addition, my Husband and I dined at a local favorite, Papiamento. Consequently, we have had hits and misses at this restaurant throughout the years. Though the ambiance and setting are great, the menu and service has changed. In my opinion, I would skip this restaurant.

Best Aruba Dining Spots – 2018

Since I just returned last week from Aruba, my recommendations for the best Aruba dining spots is current. For more on my recent vacation, be sure to visit my Aruba One Happy Island Vacation post. So, it seems like I always have dinner my first night at Gianni’s. And, this trip was no exception. Of course, I cannot resist their pasta prepared tableside in a cheese wheel.

Best Aruba Dining Spots 2018

Surprise Dining Options

Similarly to Two Fools and a Bull, my Hubby and I were looking forward to dining at Carte Blanche. First and foremost, Carte Blanche was the first restaurant to begin the concept of a 5 course mystery dining menu in front of their guests.

Best Aruba Dining Spots 2018

The Chef, Dennis van Daatselaar and the manager, Glen Bonset do a great job in entertaining their guests. Also, they have wine pairings available for each course. This restaurant is located next to the Chef’s other restaurant, Wilhelmina. Although my Husband and I never dined at Wilhelmina, that is on our bucket list for our return trip.

Best Aruba Dining Spots 2018

Because I have had a lot of laughs along with delicious food, I continue to dine at Two Fools and a Bull. For me, the food is delicious as well as Pauly’s stories throughout the evening. For more on Two Fools and a Bull, be sure to visit my Aruba Surprise Dining Options post. You will be able to read also about Fred’s Restaurant.

Best Aruba Dining Spots 2018

In addition, we had many other fun meals at local places throughout our vacation. Of course, we were frequent visitors of the Gelato Bar at our hotel.

On our last night, we ended up trying Sole Mare, another Italian restaurant that was highly recommended to us. In fact, the restaurant used to be in the same ownership group as Gianni’s. In the first place, we didn’t have a reservation and I found the staff very accommodating.

Also, like Gianni’s, they offer the tableside cheese wheel pasta. And of course, I couldn’t resist comparing their version to Gianni’s. In my opinion, both were equally delicious.

However, the downside of this restaurant was the restaurant’s decor was outdated and personally, I like the vibe better at Gianni’s.

In summary, Aruba has many great restaurants to try.

As always, I look forward to you sharing with me some of your favorite Aruba dining spots.