Since many of us haven’t been as active in the Winter months, today’s post provides the best fifteen minute home workout. So, are you ready to get comfortable exercising?

Fifteen Minute Home Workout

Yes, I promise you the exercises I recommend can really be done in the comfort of your own home. In the first place, all you need is a good floor mat. Since I work out with a personal trainer in her home, I bought the floor mat below. When doing pilates, crunches and planks, this mat is very comfortable.

Best Fifteen Minute Home Workout

First and foremost, before beginning any exercise, it is important to stretch your muscles. For an easy stretch, rock back and forth. Another suggestion is before you get on your mat, put one leg on your sofa or chair. Hold for a count of 15. And, then alternate to your other leg and repeat. When sitting on your mat, raise your arms up and hold for a count of 15 and lower. And, repeat.

Now, you’re ready to exercise. When on your floor mat, some great exercises to do are abdominal curls. If you want to work your waist area, the side twist is a great exercise. By bending your knee and raising one leg over, have your hands behind your head as seen below. You raise one side to touch your knee. Try to do fifteen on each side and then alternate legs and repeat. You should try to do at least 2 – 3 sets on each side. Of course, this will help take inches off your waist.

Best Fifteen Minute Home Workout

For anyone flexible and more advanced in exercise, a plank is a great way to improve flexibility and your core. If you cannot do this at first, don’t fret. It takes time to master doing a plank. However, a plank is one of the best exercises to improve your posture. Also, you will gain strength as well as increasing your arm, shoulder and hamstring muscles.

Best Fifteen Minute Home Workout

Fifteen Minute Home Workout Benefits

Not only does exercising from home save you time, but also money. In addition, you’re not moving from one exercise machine to another, so you save yourself a lot of time. When you’re exercising from home, you don’t have to worry about how your look. Moreover, you can exercise at your own pace.

In essence, any exercise you do can benefit your health. Once you find something you like, you will feel better. So, incorporate a fifteen minute home workout into your schedule. Of course, you will also be on your way to better health.

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