So, my blog name contest starts today. When I first started my blog, I used my company URL and never came up with something catchy.

Blog Name Contest

Since my Subscribers to my blog site have already received notification of “Name my Blog with a Twist” contest; I’m looking forward to everyone’s recommendation that enters this contest.

Since I have selected a new theme for my site; I thought before this launches, time for a name change.

As I mentioned above, I stuck to the URL of my blog name and have never changed it. Be sure to read Lynne’s Fashion Journey to learn a little bit more about me.

Of course, coming up with a name can be tricky.

Blog Name Contest Information

To help you come up with the perfect name; that is where you come in…

Some of you may read some of my posts, some may read all of them and some may read very few; but ask yourself, What is the best name that relates to my topics – Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle?

When you decide a name, consider the topics I write about. What posts capture your attention?

In addition, please follow the rules below:

  1. Of course, it has to relate to the topics I cover, i.e., fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, health, fitness, sports, relationships and wacky holidays
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Should be creative, engaging and fun
  4. Must be name appropriate – no name inappropriate – lol
  5. You must be a Subscriber to my Blog Site. This is important as you know what captures your attention and what you delete before opening.

In essence, this contest was created to help me find the perfect name.

Moreover, make sure the name you recommend isn’t being used by another Blogger. If you find a similar name, give it some thought and it may give you some inspiration for another name.

Blog Name Contest Prize Information

Finally, whoever suggests the best name will receive a $75.00 Amazon EGift Card and the chosen name will be used as the new name for my blog page.

Blog Name Contest July - August 2019

So, if you have won prior, you can still enter this contest. Also, the more blog names you choose, the more chances you have a chance to win. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

The contest will begin on Friday, July 26, 2019, and the winner will be chosen the week of August 25th.

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As always, I welcome your comments.

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