So, yesterday it was announced that the Boston Celtics trade Isaiah Thomas. Of course, this is big news. Since Isaiah Thomas was a big part of the Celtics team last season, how will this deal impact the team going forward?

Celtics Trade Isaiah Thomas

Because Isaiah Thomas was the Celtics best player last season, his hip injury that ended his season early could be a factor at the start of this season?

Although Thomas is a great player, there was always mention of his height being 5’9″. In addition, his defense is weak. As we have seen often, his defense has been an area of contention for the Celtics.

Kyrie Irving

Boston Celtics Trade Isaiah Thomas

Although Irving was an asset to the Cavaliers in their playoff run, his desire to be moved was the key to a deal getting done in the off-season. Because of the conflict between Le Bron James and Kyrie Irving, it was a matter of time before a deal was struck. So, with Irving gone, will James opt to stay with the Cavaliers?

Since Irving is younger than Thomas and has two more years remaining on his contract, it appears the Celtics received the better player in the deal.

Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers Trade

Because the season ended with the Celtics loss to the Cavaliers, it was surprising to see a trade made between these two contenders. But, a deal was made.

The terms of the trade are:

  • Boston Celtics receive Kyrie Irving
  • Cavaliers receive Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and Brooklyn’s 2018 first round pick (owned by the Celtics)

With this trade, how will the Cavaliers be? Do you think the Celtics are better today? By Ainge trading a first round pick, could that be an issue the end of next season? Did the Boston Celtics give up too much?

Now the Celtics have only four faces from last season; will the team be better?


To sum up, the Celtics already have Gordon Hayward. With this in mind, will the Boston Celtics be ready to win the Eastern conference this season?

As always, I welcome your comments.