The Boston Red Sox have home field advantage for the 2018 postseason. First and foremost, this year’s team has set a franchise record with 108 wins. Now, that the regular season is behind us, the post season begins.

Now that the Wild Card Game was decided last night, the New York Yankees will head back to Boston to face their division rival. With both teams having a good year, it will be exciting to see how the teams match up in the post season.

Boston Red Sox Postseason Series Against the Yankees

Since 2004, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have not met in the postseason series. Although the players from that series have long since retired; the rivalry is back as the two teams face off again.

So, tomorrow night will open the series in Boston. At the same time, this year’s Red Sox team has seen the Yankees 19 times this season. And, the Sox hold the advantage with a record of 10 – 9 against the Yankees. To read more about this season rivalry, be sure to check-out my Red Sox Dominance Against Yankees post.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees

When the post season opens tomorrow, the regular season is wiped out. And, both teams start on the same page. With their 19 meetings during the regular season, even though the Sox have the better record; anything can happen in the postseason.

In the same fashion, when Chris Sale throws the first pitch, all talk of the regular season is gone. In fact, with both teams winning 100 + games during the regular season, we know MLB fans are in for a treat.

No doubt, both teams are getting ready to face each other. Surprisingly, both teams started the year with a Rookie Manager. Alex Cora has led the Red Sox to a historic season. And in New York, Aaron Boone has led the Yankees to a 100 win season. With the Yankees leading the MLB in a single season with 267 home runs and the Red Sox having two AL MVP candidates in both J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts, this series should provide plenty of excitement.

Boston Red Sox Series Prediction

In my opinion, one of the biggest concerns I have is the Red Sox bullpen. Clearly over the last month, the bullpen has been the team’s achilles heel. However, even with their shaky bullpen, the Sox still finished fourth in the American League in ERA with their bullpen. But, the Yankees bullpen finished ahead of them with a lower ERA.

Of course, home field advantage is a plus for any team. This will be the first time since 2013 that the Red Sox had home field advantage. And we know that year, the Sox won the World Series. Will this year be a repeat?

Although the Yankees hit more home runs, I’m not sure they can win this series against Boston.  In summary, many Sports Analysts have the Red Sox moving onto face the Houston Astros in the next series.

Indeed, I will be on my phone at noontime today since I was selected to purchase postseason tickets.

Who will move onto the next round?

As always, I welcome your comments.