The Boston Red Sox win the American League Conference Series with a score of 4 – 1. So funny enough, the Sox won the series in five games and the score was the same as their record in this series.

Red Sox Win withe David Price at the Helm

First and foremost, David Price was able to put his playoff struggles behind him. At the same time, Price has been trying for years to win a playoff game. Finally, he was able to do so. From the first inning on, Price was dominant throughout six scoreless innings.

Now that Price has won his first playoff game; he can breathe a sigh of relief.

Red Sox Win 4 – 1

With Price pitching on three day’s rest, he was able to have complete command of all of his pitches. Besides the solid pitching performance, both J.D. Martinez and Rafael Devers went deep. Moreover, Jackie Bradley’s 9 RBI’s earned him the MVP of the American League Conference Series.

Indeed, this win against the defending World Series Champions, the Houston Astros was priceless – no pun intended.

Red Sox Win Put them in the World Series

For Alex Cora to win the ALCS in 5 games on his 43rd birthday was one of the best present’s.

Since the Sox had the best record in the MLB, they will have home field advantage for the World Series. To read more, check out my Boston Red Sox Home Field Advantage post.

Now, the Sox will have until Tuesday to prepare for their 4th World Series title in 15 years against either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Milwaukee Brewers.

Watch this video to see highlights of last night’s win..

World Series Schedule

So, Game 1 will be on Boston on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Following Game 1, the schedule is as follows:

  • Game 2 will be in Boston on Wednesday, October 24th
  • For Game 3, 4 and 5 – they will take place in the location of whoever wins the National League Conference Series – October 26th, 27th and 28th
  • If needed Game 6 and 7 will be back in Boston

Will the Boston Red Sox magical season end with them winning the World Series?

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