Boston Red Sox win the World Series with a strong pitching performance by David Price last night. And, Chris Sale struck out the side in the 9th inning to cap their historical year.

Boston Red Sox Win – Historical Year

Although this was Alex Cora’s first managerial job in the MLB, he started Spring Training with a record of 17 – 2. Check-out my Red Sox Opening Day 2018 post to read more on this year’s Sox team hoping to make it deep into the playoffs.

Similarly to the 2013 Red Sox team; this year’s team never had more than three losses in a row throughout the season.

Boston Red Sox Win World Series – Playoff Run

So, let’s take a look at their playoff run. Before the playoffs started, many skeptics had the Sox not going very far. After listening to many of the sports programs for the last several weeks; I was surprised to hear many Sports Analyst’s had the Sox losing in the first or second round.

First, the Red Sox beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. To read more, visit my Boston Red Sox Advance ALCS 2018 post. Next, the Red Sox matched up against the Houston Astros. Although many skeptics thought the Sox wouldn’t get by Houston; they beat them in five games. Check-out my Boston Red Sox Win ALCS 4 – 1 post to read more about the ALCS series.

Finally, the Sox were heading to the World Series for their first time in five years.

Boston Red Sox Win World Series

Since 2004, the Boston Red Sox have now won four World Series titles.

In addition to great performances by many of the players, one performance stood out to me.

As we know, David Price has struggled in the playoffs, Well, this year he proved the critics wrong. Not only was he dominant in the World Series, but he pitched three times. In my opinion, I thought the MVP should have went to him. However, Steven Pearce won the MVP as he had key hits in Games 4 and 5.

Not only did the Boston Red Sox win the World Series, but all of their playoff wins came at other stadiums. Remember when the Yankees won Game 2 in Boston, Aaron Judge played “New York New York”. After the Sox won at Dodger Stadium, they headed back to the club house. And, guess what song they played. Yup, it was “New York, New York”.


In summary, my sleepless nights are over. After staying up into the wee hours of many morning throughout the playoffs, I’m looking forward to going to sleep earlier.

In conclusion, this year’s Boston Red Sox win 119 games and 52 losses in the regular season and post season.

So, what is next for the team? With a lot of free agents, will the Sox repeat?

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