Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th. So, you’re asking yourself “What is Boxing Day?” And yes, this is a real day celebrated in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Boxing Day

In general, this day traces back in history to medieval times. Hence, its name came from the church opening boxes and distributing monetary amounts to the poor. However, others think this day started after Employers gave their employees gifts. At the same time, whatever version is correct, they both could be.

Celebrate Boxing Day

Accordingly, in the United Kingdom, this day typically refers to horse races and soccer matches. In other parts of the world, many countries have traditions. For instance, in the Bahamas, this day has a street parade and a festival known as Junkanoo.

And, in Canada and other parts of the world, people are shopping. Of course, the best deals happen the day after Christmas.

Did you know today is one of the top shopping days of the year? For other big shopping days, be sure to check out my Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday posts.

Well, come to think of it – how many people either receive gifts they need to exchange or return. Or, they received gift cards and want to shop for items they either need or want. And, the best part is there are a lot of sales on seasonal items.

Are you ready to shop today? Of course, some items you will be able to stock up on are:

  • Christmas, Chanukah and New Years Cards
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Ornaments, Trims and Lights
  • Holiday Wrapping Paper

Since many stores are also ushering in Resort and Spring merchandise, Fall and Winter merchandise prices have been slashed. Meanwhile, if you’re heading on a Ski trip, you will be able to find boots, parkas and other sporting equipment reduced.

Also, if you’re going somewhere to celebrate New Years Eve; now is the time to find the perfect outfit and accessories on sale.

Typically, there is actually no boxing today; unless you’re a professional fighter.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Boxing Day!