Did you know October is a busy sports month? So, maybe you didn’t know this. Well, think about it. In the first place, this month when you turn on your television set; you will most likely find your favorite sports game on.

Busy Sports Month – MLB

First, let’s take a look at baseball. Although the MLB regular season is over; the postseason is underway.

In the American League, you have the Houston Astros, the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays are all playing for a spot to be in the ALCS.

Sadly, (my team) – the Boston Red Sox are not in the Post Season. Be sure to visit my 2019 Boston Red Sox Team Summary post to read about this year’s consistently inconsistent team.

In the National League, you have the Atlanta Braves, the Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals also playing for a spot to be in the NLCS.

Busy Sports Month  РNFL

Football season is underway. Be sure to visit my NFL Season Week 1 2019 post to read about this year’s start to the season.

Will the New England Patriots make their fourth straight appearance in the Super Bowl? Or, will there be new teams in the big game?

Busy Sports Month – NHL

In addition, October is the start of the NHL Season. Of course, my Husband is excited about this since he is a Boston Bruins season ticket holder.

Already, there has been rumors that this year’s Bruins team is expected to make another appearance in the playoffs. Be sure to check out my Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Loss post to see how they made it to Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals last season.

What will happen this season?

Busy Sports Month – NBA

Last year, the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors to capture their first NBA Title.

With the Boston Celtics being eliminated early in the playoffs last year; will they be a better team this year? In the off season, they lost many players to free agency as well as signed some big name players. Be sure to check out my Boston Celtics Playoff Elimination post to read how last season ended.

The regular season starts on October 22nd.


In conclusion, October’s busy sports month will have people up all hours tuned into the MLB post season and all the regular season games.

As always, I welcome your comments on this month’s busy sports month.