Car Shopping has been an on-going process for me the last few months.  My lease on my Audi A5 is ending this August.  I’m a big fan of leasing vehicles as I tend to like a new car every 2 – 3 years. Usually, I start researching vehicles after 2 years has gone by.

Prior Car Makers I’ve owned

Prior to my leasing my Audi A5, I owned and leased 5 Mercedes within a period of 9 years.   It was an easy decision when I went with my Audi.   I was easily able to negotiate my deal with the Sales Manager, Josh of the Burlington Audi dealership.  This time around – I was looking for something different.

Car Shopping

Recently, my Husband and I ventured out visiting several dealerships. My Husband drives a Hummer and he is a big fan of the Chevrolet dealership locally; and told me about the Chevrolet Volt – it was a car I admired.  I liked the design and that it was a hybrid electric car and was voted 2016 Green Car of the year by Green Car Journal.    After learning more about the vehicle and test driving the volt; I ruled out the vehicle and continued my search.

Onto the next dealership – the same weekend I visited locally a BMW dealership, Volvo, Range Rover and Audi dealership.  I wasn’t planning on getting another Audi, however upon seeing the newer models, I liked the new Q3.

A few days later, I telephoned the Burlington Audi dealership and spoke with the General Manager, Adnan and we set up a meeting.  At this point, I had my car shopping narrowed down to a Range Rover Evoque and Audi Q3.  I was able to make a deal for a Q3 that weekend; however the deal fell apart later that week when I realized the vehicle wasn’t equipped with a Home Link system (something I had in all my vehicles over the last 20+ years).

Car Shopping

The General Manager, Adnan of the Audi Burlington dealership is very engaging and professional with his Customers and truly makes the car buying/leasing process much more enjoyable.  Though the deal fell apart, I have begun a wonderful lifetime friendship with Adnan.

New Models

Since the newer 2017 models weren’t out; I was in hiatus with moving forward on a Q3.  Luckily I obtained some information during my meeting at the Audi dealership and learnt after further research; the Evoque had a Ford engine and didn’t hold its value. And, a suggestion was offered for me to consider a small Lexus SUV.

The General Manager of the Audi dealership was kind enough to put me in touch with the Lexus dealership in Sharon, Massachusetts.  Prior to visiting with the dealership in Sharon, I visited the local Lexus dealership near me.  I was able to check out the various Lexus car offerings and fell in love with the NX 200 model.  I liked that it was a small luxury SUV, yet looked modern. My Husband and I had the opportunity to visit the Lexus dealership in Sharon and I was given some very good options to think about.

On the way home, my Husband and I stopped by the Mercedes dealership and I checked out the GLA 250.  The lease program wasn’t attractive to me. Car shopping complete. Now that my car shopping has ended, I won’t have to think about this for another two years or so.

Car Purchase

Throughout the last week, the salesperson, George from IRA Lexus kept in touch with me. After speaking with George, a deal was made.  I’m going to be picking up my vehicle this week.

Today, I returned my A5 to the Burlington Audi dealership and they went above and beyond excellent service by offering me a beverage, processing my plate return receipt promptly and giving me a ride to pick up my new vehicle. So, if you’re considering an Audi, the Burlington Audi dealership is the place to buy a vehicle and if you’re looking for a Lexus; I highly recommend IRA Lexus. The process of picking up my vehicle was professional.  I am excited to build a relationship with this dealership moving forward.

Car Shopping

Car Shopping