Jo Malone Tea Time

A day of the wind blowing outdoors has me thinking about it being tea time.  Jo Malone followed up with the tea collection after the Herb Garden collection. Jo Malone Tea Time Rare tea leafs were infused into fragrances and are too precious to drink.  While shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston, one of Jo Malone's Beauty Specialist walked me through the collection of the six fragrances.  Additionally, I learnt about each fragrance and what tea it was from. Fragrances Silver Needle Tea - Softest Silver Needle tea and for centuries this was for the imperial family of China.  Also the inspiration was by white tea, delicate floral, opulent rose, sage and musk. Darjeeling Tea - Radiant Darjeeling tea is richly floral with exotic sweetness.  This is often found in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Luminous with jasmine, freesia and an apricot note of Indian davana. Jade Leaf Tea - This inspiration is by the smoothest Japanese sencha.   Bright new buds that grow in the cool sea breeze of the Southern Island of Kyushu.  This has a note of pomelo, textured with sesame and Herbacious with mate leaf.  This is a crisp invigorating rare tea infusion. Oolong Tea - Delectable.  Rounded with a buttery softness and growing in the mountains.  Rich with bitter cocoa,  almond Tonka beans, tobacco leaf and oolong. Midnight Black Tea - Deeply seductive and exotic.  Infused with puerh and matured for sensual intensity.  The sun drenched tea leaves has this fragrance stronger over time and intoxicating.  Amber rich with labdanum, smoky with guaiacwood and vanilla absolute. Golden Needle Tea - Majestic golden needle tea noted with leather and spice.  This is a deep burning gold, smooth with sandalwood and addictive with benzoin resin.  A dark mysterious rare tea infusion. Conclusion All the teas come from the same Camellia sinensis plant however they all warrant different rituals.  These six fragrances came from Japan, China and the Himalayas.  This isn't a surprising collection from Jo Malone as tea is very English.  All of the fragrances were different ranging from soft and gentle to intense and after 5 ready. [...]

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