Milk Makeup Fall Essentials 2018

Milk Makeup is one of the coolest makeup lines on the planet. First and foremost, Milk was founded in 2014 by Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rossi, Georgie Greville and Dianna Ruth. And, their vision was to make girls carry less products - only things they needed throughout the day. Milk Makeup In the same fashion, this line marries fashion, music and film to create a line that has good ingredients. At the same time, the companies message is to "Show who you Are". Don't cover up. And, that message has resonated with Millenials everywhere. So at Milk, they want people everywhere to create their own style. Indeed, they want people to carry things they need. In addition, their brushless products are designed for girls on the go. Since most of us lead busy lives; who wants to load up our bag with items we don't need? Above all, Milk Makeup wants you to highlight who you are, not cover-up. Milk Makeup Ingredients Since we're all aware of the toxins in the world, the companies philosophy was to create products that you feel good about using. Nevertheless, they use: Avocado Oil Mango Butter Watermelon Extract What they won't use is: Formaldehyde Mineral oil Parabens Sulfates Talc Equally important is the company prides itself on being: Cruelty Free Paraben Free 100% Vegan Free Milk Makeup Body and Skincare Essentials No doubt, this line has some super cool, clean beauty and skin care products. When you're running from school, work or out and about, the Sunshine Oil will brighten your complexion. No doubt, this product will leave your skin moisturized. For more glowing skin recommendations, be sure to check-out my Endless Summer Glowing Recommendations post. SHOP NOW For anyone who needs a pick me up, the cooling water will leave you feeling refreshed. In addition, this product is great to reduce  puffiness around your eyes. SHOP NOW With the Fall season underway, this glitter stick will have you party ready. In my opinion, this works great on your shoulders, chest and legs and provides a shine. Shine bright like a [...]

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