National Skin Care Awareness Month

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month.  Due to people looking for solutions to skin care problems, National Skin Care Month was created.  Renee Rouleau started this organization to help individuals get better care for their skin.  Since we are leaving the Summer months, there is no better time to pay attention to your sunscreen and skin regime. […]

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Sun Tan Tour

Let’s begin a sun tan tour of the best products and tips for the season.  With the sun, heat and humidity upon us -it is important to safeguard our skin. To keep the harmful rays from burning and aging our skin, the best method is to self tan indoors. Be sure to visit my Perfect Fake Tan post for the best way to get a natural sun kiss look without being in the sun.  There are many self tanners on the market. […]

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Perfect Fake Tan

Get ready for the perfect fake tan this summer.   Let's work on getting a golden glow by using self tanners. Perfect Fake Tan Here comes the sun and what better way to prepare for a sun kissed look by avoiding sun damage from the harmful ultra violet rays.  The first thing to do is prep your skin.  Exfoliate.  If you don't exfoliate properly, you will see dry patches and uneven color.  Exfoliation is important in removing dead skin cells.   Avoid any body scrub that blocks the DHA in self tanners. Self Tanning Steps Apply the product.  The best self tanners have built in bronzers.   A good self tanner product to consider is featured below.  It is made with natural and organic ingredients and you won't have to worry about your skin turning orange.  Apply the tanning cream with a mitt and within 4-6 hours you will have a golden glow.  If you want a dark tan, apply it daily until you achieve the color you desire.  It is recommended to reapply every 4-7 days to maintain your tan.  The best thing is you will have a great tan without the harmful rays of the sun. When applying self tanner to the face, use a sponge and when applying to the body, use a tanning mitt.   Do not go up and down when applying lotion.  It is best to apply in a sweeping motion.    A good self tanning mitt as below is important as it will make your perfect fake tan look better.  The mitt is large enough to protect your hands from staining and creates the perfect finish for a streak free tan.  It also includes a face applicator mitt making it easy to reach difficult areas. After applying self tanning cream to your face and body, observe closely to make sure you achieve a balanced color.  Last, apply self tanner to your hands and feet. Once your tan has been applied successfully, don't get dressed for at least 10-15 minutes.  A fake tan lasts anywhere from 5-10 days.  Chlorine can have your tan fading quicker than ocean and lake water. [...]

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