Celebrate National Pink Day June 2019

Celebrate National Pink Day today! Since pink is my favorite color; I’m all in. Although there is another day in association with pink – International Pink Day; today is all about Men and Women wearing pink. […]

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Celebrate Pride Month June 2019

Celebrate Pride Month! When you think back to the Stonewall riots; it is hard to believe it has been fifty years. From the Stonewall riots, protests went on for six days. […]

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Spring Awakening Fashion 2019

Spring awakening – a new season brings change. So, are you ready to make a change? Whether you’re celebrating something special or feeling good; there is a lot of newness in fashion. […]

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Neon Spring Fashion Trend 2019

Although the color of the year is living coral; neon Spring fashion bright colors are trending. When you’re thinking of adding a few articles of clothing or accessories to your wardrobe; think about adding a bright neon shade. To read more about the color of the year, be sure to visit my Living Coral Pantone 2019 Color post. […]

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National Wear Red Day February 1

National Wear Red Day is an important day to raise awareness of heart disease for Women. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for Women. […]

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Trending Benjamin Moore Interior Colors

Trending Benjamin Moore interior colors are muted and understated. When you’re thinking of updating your home, this year’s colors are versatile. […]

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Spring Summer Pantone Colors 2019

Spring Summer Pantone Colors are playful, uplifting and vibrant. So, every season Pantone Color Institute creates new colors we will see in magazines, fashion and this seasons trends. […]

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Living Coral Pantone 2019 Color

Living Coral is Pantone 2019 color of the year. In the same fashion, this color is animated with a golden undertone. So, is it time to say goodbye to last year’s Ultra Violet. To read more about last year’s color, check out my Pantone 2018 Color Ultra Violet post. […]

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Neon Fall Fashion Trend 2018

Neon is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends on the planet. For the Fall season, there are several ways to wear this fun “in your face” color. In the same fashion, some of you may remember fluorescent colors in the 80’s and 90’s. Be sure to check-out my Emerging Fall Fashion Trends post for some other Fall fashion styles. […]

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Pantone’s Fall Fashion Colors 2018

Pantone’s Fall fashion colors are a bold collection of Autumn hues with a few surprises. Although this report came out over six months ago, I decided to share the colors with my readers in-season. […]

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