Celebrate Fall Hat Month 2019

Celebrate Fall Hat Month! When it comes to hats; they are the perfect accessory to wear with any outfit. So, are you ready for some of the biggest hat trends of the season? […]

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Fall Fashion Shopping List 2019

With fashion week in the rear view mirror; now is the time to create your Fall fashion shopping list. Since I have a Shopping Contest, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items for the season. […]

Celebrate Labor Day September 2

Celebrate Labor Day today. So, the last holiday weekend of Summer has arrived. Indeed, this day is all about you. The U.S. Department of Labor wants to celebrate all American workers. In my opinion, the best things about this holiday is having three days off. […]

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National Underwear Day August 5 2019

When it comes to National Underwear Day; it is about enjoying all styles and shapes of underwear. Founded in 2003 by Freshpair; the company decided this day is to celebrate your self confidence and esteem in any style you choose to wear. […]

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Blog Name Contest July – August 2019

So, my blog name contest starts today. When I first started my blog, I used my company URL and never came up with something catchy. […]

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Body Cooling Clothes 2019

With the hot weather here, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets for the best body cooling clothes to wear right now. When it comes to the hot scorching temperature; nothing will cool you down like clothes that lower your body temperature. […]

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Dog Days of Summer Tips 2019

So, the dog days of Summer are here. At the same time, this time period starts shortly after the Summer Solstice and ironically coincides with the rising of Sirius – the Dog Star. Because Sirius is behind the sun; it appears before the sunrise in the Summertime; hence the name a.k.a. Dog Days of Summer. […]

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Nordstrom 2019 Anniversary Sale

So, are you ready for the Nordstrom 2019 Anniversary Sale? In my opinion, this sale is one of the best ways to save money on beauty, fashion for men, women, children, home decor and designer brands. Whether you’re shopping for a few items or starting your holiday shopping early; you don’t want to miss out on my picks. […]

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International Bikini Day July 5 2019

International Bikini day is today. Surprisingly, this day coincides when a lot of people are either at the beach or on vacation. So, are you ready to put on a two piece swimsuit? […]

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