Celebrate Real Jewelry Month

Celebrate Real Jewelry Month! Indeed, this month is the perfect time to celebrate. With the holiday season around the corner; many of us are shopping for gifts for family members and friends. […]

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Casually Chic Fashion Styles

Are you looking for some casually chic styles to wear? When you think of dressing effortlessly; what comes to mind? Of course, you want to stand out. But, keep it unique at the same time. With this in mind, you have options. For instance, you can play with color and texture. […]

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Game Changing Sporty Fashion Styles

Game changing sporty fashion styles are sure to have you ready to go the distance this season. Whether you’re an athlete or not; there are many great styles sure to have you ready to jump, run or walk. […]

Boot Guide Fall 2019

Whether you’re looking for something new, classic or trending; check out my boot guide for the best styles to buy now at all price points. […]

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Hottest Fall Shoe Styles 2019

So, today’s post includes the hottest fall shoe styles you will want on your feet A.S.A.P. When it comes to shoes, I’m always on the lookout to snap up some new shoes. […]

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Fall 2019 Best Fashion Styles

Of course, the season has a way of sneaking up on us. So, are you ready for Fall 2019 best fashion styles? When it comes to a new season; you should look for styles that are effortless, yet make a statement. […]

Leopard Obsessions Fall 2019

Leopard obsessions – are you wild for animal prints? Since everyone is wearing animal prints; why not be Queen of the Jungle in cheetah, leopard, snake and zebra prints? […]

Wear it Pink Breast Cancer

Wear it Pink! In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now is the time to wear pink. By wearing pink, the goal of this day is to raise money and bring awareness to this important disease. […]

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Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day

Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day!  In my opinion, this is a fun non-holiday to wear anything you want. Whether the colors or patterns go together doesn’t matter. More importantly is to have fun with your wardrobe today. So, today is all about wearing something flashy, loud and playful. […]

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Best Little Black Dress Style 2019

This season, the best little black dress will be one of your favorite items in your wardrobe. In the same fashion, there is no style more iconic than a black dress. […]

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