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//Dresses and Party Attire

Fall Fashion Shopping List 2019

With fashion week in the rear view mirror; now is the time to create your Fall fashion shopping list. Since I have a Shopping Contest, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items for the season. […]

Body Cooling Clothes 2019

With the hot weather here, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets for the best body cooling clothes to wear right now. When it comes to the hot scorching temperature; nothing will cool you down like clothes that lower your body temperature. […]

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Dog Days of Summer Tips 2019

So, the dog days of Summer are here. At the same time, this time period starts shortly after the Summer Solstice and ironically coincides with the rising of Sirius – the Dog Star. Because Sirius is behind the sun; it appears before the sunrise in the Summertime; hence the name a.k.a. Dog Days of Summer. […]

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Upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Nothing says “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” like an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Yes, you read this right. […]

Menswear Inspired Fall Fashions 2017

So, even before Hillary Clinton, menswear and the pantsuit are back in the spotlight, stronger than ever. As the suit, plaid, and pinstripe continue to make headway this fall, you can find some new inspiration this season. […]

Easy Breezy Summer Fashions

With warmer temperatures and longer days, today’s post is about some of the best Summer fashions. In the same fashion, the looser your clothes are, the better. When you have less fabric sticking to your body, the more comfortable you will feel. […]

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Memorial Day Stars Stripes Fashion Story

With Memorial Day around the corner, time to pull out the best stars stripes fashion pieces for the holiday. If you’ve been looking for a few fun pieces to begin the holiday weekend, today’s post will provide you inspiration for some fun pieces. […]

Perfect White Fashion Spring Story

Today’s post is about the perfect white fashion styles for the Spring and Summer season. When you think about the color white, clean and crisp come to mind. […]

Remember Playing Candy Land

Remember playing candy land as a child. Although those days have passed, now we can style our wardrobes to resemble the games and treats we had in our youth. […]