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Celebrate Real Jewelry Month

Celebrate Real Jewelry Month! Indeed, this month is the perfect time to celebrate. With the holiday season around the corner; many of us are shopping for gifts for family members and friends. […]

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Game Changing Sporty Fashion Styles

Game changing sporty fashion styles are sure to have you ready to go the distance this season. Whether you’re an athlete or not; there are many great styles sure to have you ready to jump, run or walk. […]

Fall 2019 Best Fashion Styles

Of course, the season has a way of sneaking up on us. So, are you ready for Fall 2019 best fashion styles? When it comes to a new season; you should look for styles that are effortless, yet make a statement. […]

Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day

Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day!  In my opinion, this is a fun non-holiday to wear anything you want. Whether the colors or patterns go together doesn’t matter. More importantly is to have fun with your wardrobe today. So, today is all about wearing something flashy, loud and playful. […]

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New Next Now Fashionable Styles

When you think about wearing new next now fashionable styles; what comes to mind? So, what styles will you be wearing today? Tomorrow? Next month? […]

Fall Fashion Shopping List 2019

With fashion week in the rear view mirror; now is the time to create your Fall fashion shopping list. Since I have a Shopping Contest, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items for the season. […]

Gender Bender Fashion Trending

Gender Bender fashion is trending! Since fashion week, runways and magazines are embracing all types of fashion styles that are gender fluid. […]

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2019

Valentines Day is one of the most romantic holidays. So, are you ready to find the perfect gift for him, her, a friend, or anyone? Well, today’s post will help you choose the perfect gift. […]

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Curvy Women Holiday Fashions 2018

Curvy Women Holiday Fashions rule this season! Finally, Women of all sizes and shapes have been instrumental in plus-size fashions. […]

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