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Game Changing Sporty Fashion Styles

Game changing sporty fashion styles are sure to have you ready to go the distance this season. Whether you’re an athlete or not; there are many great styles sure to have you ready to jump, run or walk. […]

Gender Bender Fashion Trending

Gender Bender fashion is trending! Since fashion week, runways and magazines are embracing all types of fashion styles that are gender fluid. […]

Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Styles 2019

Oscars are the last award show for big films for the year prior. In the same fashion, all eyes are on who will win some of the big awards and of course on what everyone is wearing. […]

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International Women’s Day Bold Campaign

International Women’s Day Bold 2017 Campaign is a powerful message. When I was a little girl, I experienced boys picking on me. Because boys were bigger, I was scared. As I grew up, I remember becoming bolder in my approach to dealing with the male sex. With this in mind, the message for International Women’s Day 2017 is a powerful one. […]

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Gender Fluid Fashion Trend Happening

Gender Fluid Fashion is the new normal.  As a result of many Fashion Designers capitalizing on gender blurring lines, we are seeing crossover in both Men’s and Women’s fashions.  Because today, it is harder to tell the difference between the Men’s and Women’s department. […]

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