Gender Bender Fashion Trending

Gender Bender fashion is trending! Since fashion week, runways and magazines are embracing all types of fashion styles that are gender fluid. […]

Emerging Fall Fashion Trends

Emerging Fall fashion trends that will have an impact of fashion this season are strong, yet colorful. In the first place, many of these trends may seem the same. But, you can make it interesting. Let’s get playful! […]

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Fall Feather Fashion Trend 2017

So, today’s post is how to wear Fall feather fashion styles. We all know the saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together”. However, this season, this saying can reflect people flocking to embrace feathered fashion items. […]

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80s Renewal Fall Logo Fashion 2017

So, after several years, the Fall logo fashion trend is back. With the 80’s renewal of this trend, we’re seeing logo’s everywhere. Visit my 80’s Fun Fashion Trend Remake post. […]

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Best Fall Fashion Trends 2017

A new season and the best fall fashion trends of the season are the ones you will want to strut around in. So, trade your shorts, swimsuits and sundresses for Velvet, Menswear, Power Red and Glamorous fashions. […]

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Life Cycle of Fashion Trends 2017

Of course, fashion trends come and go. If you have shopped in stores such as Forever 21, H & M and Zara, you know they’re able to immediately bring a few looks from the runway. Not to mention, these retailers have accomplished this in just a few weeks. […]

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Gender Fluid Fashion Trend Happening

Gender Fluid Fashion is the new normal.  As a result of many Fashion Designers capitalizing on gender blurring lines, we are seeing crossover in both Men’s and Women’s fashions.  Because today, it is harder to tell the difference between the Men’s and Women’s department. […]

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Best Fall Fashion Budget Trends

As much as we all want to shop for new fall fashion clothes, many of us cannot afford designer price.  Since we all want to shop for the latest fall fashion styles, below are some of my favorite styles.  These styles are for those wanting to look stylish on a shoestring budget. […]

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New Bohemian Rhapsody Fall Fashions

I’m a Woman who loves fashion and am excited to see the new bohemian rhapsody fall fashions this season.  Of course, I’m excited to see this trending. […]

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Puffer Jacket Fall Fashion Trend

While catching up on old Fashion Magazines recently, an article caught my attention that the Puffer Jacket is making a comeback.  Puffer coats, jackets and vests were shown on many fashion runways for Fall/Winter 2016.  Once the temperature drops, out comes the outerwear.   It is important to bundle up in artic weather.  A puffer jacket provides insulation by sealing in the heat. […]

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