Puffer Jacket Fall Fashion Trend

While catching up on old Fashion Magazines recently, an article caught my attention that the Puffer Jacket is making a comeback.  Puffer coats, jackets and vests were shown on many fashion runways for Fall/Winter 2016.  Once the temperature drops, out comes the outerwear.   It is important to bundle up in artic weather.  A puffer jacket provides insulation by sealing in the heat. […]

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Fall 2016 Fashions Biggest Trends

Pack up your summer clothes and get ready to shop for Fall 2016 biggest fashion trends found at retailers everywhere.  Since retailers have fall clothes and accessories throughout their stores, time to start thinking about shopping for some new additions.  What will be 2016 Fashion’s biggest hits? […]

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Socks Sandals Fashion Faux Pas

Socks Sandals – I’m not a fan of this fashion trend.  One of the biggest fashion faux pas is wearing socks with sandals.  While many of us can remember growing up and seeing a Neighbor or Relative wearing socks with sandals; we laughed about this dorky style.  Of course, the ultimate fashion faux pas.  Since we are now seeing this look regularly, what do you think of this trend? […]

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Naked Dress Mistake

Naked dress has been a look we have seen on many red carpets for the last several years and it is a trend that needs to end.  Runway nudity has been taken to a new extreme.  Models have paraded down the runway with little to nothing for years.  Of course real women need real clothes to flatter and empower them in the real world. Naked Dress Mistake Also nothing is left to the imagination any more!  How many more versions of the sheer beaded and sheer lace dresses can we see?  Many years ago, Janet Jackson's half time show with Justin Timberlake caused a media sensation with nip slip.  Today we see nip slips, sheer butt panels and no one feels exploited. To me this trend has run its course.  So I get it - you have a great body.  You want to show it off.  As much as one loves to look at someone's body, it is time to give the naked dress trend a rest for a while. How many times can we see Women on the red carpet in a naked dress?  It is clear that many Women are giving their underwear a night off and going commando. I like a little bit of sheer delight, peek-a-boo, or  strategically placed cut out.  I would like to see a new way to do peek-a-boo that doesn't require showing every inch of flesh.  Sheer fashions styles continue to mesmerize many celebrities in the last few years.  I would like to see something new that is revealing, yet conceals at the same time.    I would like to see fashion return to glamour and away from the look of lingerie. In conclusion, it is time to see something new.  Lets retire the naked dress trend and return to wearing real clothes.  Showing a little less skin can be enticing and having someone wonder what we have on underneath.  To summarize, having a little mystery can be as enticing as wearing something showing everything.

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