Celebrate Women’s Health Week May 2019

Celebrate Women’s Health Week. Since everyone’s health is important; now is a good time to make plans to ensure better health. […]

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American Heart Gratitude Challenge

American Heart Gratitude Challenge started last month; however you can set up your own challenge anytime. A new year brings new resolutions. […]

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Take Your Pants For A Walk Day 2018

Today is “Take your Pants for a Walk day”. When I first heard about this, I thought everyone could have a lot of fun on this unofficial holiday. In the first place, this fun holiday is to encourage everyone to go for a walk. […]

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National Women’s Health Week

This week is National Women’s Health week. Ironically, this event kicks off on Mother’s day. So, this week is a reminder for Women to take care of themselves. Are you ready to make your health a priority? […]

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Patriots Day Boston Marathon 2018

Whether it rains or shines today, the 122nd Boston Marathon is today. First and foremost, this is a yearly event that people train for all year. […]

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National Walking Day April 2018

In the first place, National Walking Day was started in 2007. In fact, this is part of the American Heart Association to encourage healthy living. Visit my American Heart Month post for some tips on changing your diet and lifestyle. […]

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Best Fifteen Minute Home Workout

Since many of us haven’t been as active in the Winter months, today’s post provides the best fifteen minute home workout. So, are you ready to get comfortable exercising? […]

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2017’s Summer Best Fitness Suggestions

Today's post is suggestions for 2017's Summer best fitness workouts. So, let's not skip exercising due to the Summer heat. Of course, we all know how important it is to keep fit. Summer Best Fitness Suggestions So, are you ready to look hot, while keeping cool? In the first place, try to keep your body cool at all times. You can try taking a cool shower, or keep a damp cloth nearby. If you're a runner, find a shady path. Find a time of the day that works best with your body temperature. Since most of us are fans of walking, why not start your day off with a morning walk. If you're like me, you prefer to walk indoors. I prefer walking in the comfort of air conditioning. Indeed, I start my day walking on the treadmill. Indoor Summer Best Fitness Options In the same fashion, many health clubs and gyms run specials in the Summer months. Because more individuals are outdoors, you're apt to find a gym less crowded. For example, consider joining a fitness class that meets indoors. Also, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. Another tip is to find an indoor swimming pool and take water aerobics. You can find water aerobics at many local YMCA's. Summer Best Fitness Outdoor Options With Summer heat, it is important to keep your body hydrated. By drinking cold water, you're keeping your body temperature comfortable. If you're a late sleeper, you may want to adjust your schedule. If you wake up earlier, temperatures are usually lower in the early morning hours. Again, if mornings don't work for you, try exercising in the evening. When exercising, it is important to wear comfortable clothes. You don't have to wear spandex, however you should wear clothing that keeps your body from rubbing against you. After exercising, skip eating for at least 30 minutes. Of course, it is important to continue to drink water throughout your fitness activity. Another great exercise option is to play beach volleyball or Paddleball. If you enjoy cycling, make sure [...]

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Best Healthy Weight Loss Diets

Since its Summer, time to eat healthy produce to help your weight loss. For starters, most of us are trying to be beach body ready. Today's post will help you pick the best diet to maintain and achieve results. Healthy Weight Loss Programs Because there are so many programs available, it is important to find a program that suits your lifestyle. Each diet has its own pros and cons. How can you decipher the best plan to accommodate your goals? By fitting in fitness activities with your diet, you will be able to reach your goals. Weight Watchers Diet So, many of you know I've been on the Weight Watchers Diet plan since last fall. Indeed, I have achieved great results. Visit my prior Weight Watchers Lifestyle Quest post. In the first place, Weight Watchers is about enjoying great food while getting healthy. As a member of Weight Watchers, I am given an amount of points I can consume during the week. In addition, I receive 28 bonus points a week to use as I want. What I found as the key to maintaining this diet, is not to give up. For example, if you gain a few pounds one week, don't quit. Keep on track. By getting back to where you started, you will be able to continue your weight loss goals. Although I have found myself fluctuating a pound or two throughout the diet, I have found that the weight I have lost thus far has remained off. For me, the most important part of having success on the Weight Watchers diet is not to give up. Furthermore, I have become much more label conscious when I'm out grocery shopping. The key to success in this diet is to remember it is a lifestyle change. It isn't about a week or two, or a month of losing weight. By staying on top of your food choices, you will see overall greater success. In addition, it is important to note that you can learn from the process of eliminating bad food from your diet and stay on [...]

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Weight Watchers Spring Progress

Today's post is about my Weight Watchers Spring progress to date. Since I started with Weight Watchers back in the fall, I have changed my lifestyle habits. Weight Watchers Spring Progress As the temperature warms up, I tend to wear less clothing. So of course, I need to continue to lose more weight before I put on a bikini. Since Spring is here, a lot of people commit to lose weight. I'm going to share some of my tips for the best way to get back on track. So, along with ditching the clutter, let's erase those winter pounds. Visit my Clean, Donate, Swap clothes post which will also inspire you to lighten your load. Indeed, losing weight increases your energy and improves your health overall. In the first place, one of the most important things to do is eat less, eat healthier, exercise, get a good night of sleep and drink a lot of water. With each week that goes by, try to change-up something in your diet or exercise program. For me, drinking a lot of water is key for helping lose the weight. Remember, drinking soda is adding calories in the amount of sugar in each can. New Season, New Goals So, if you have put on a few pounds over the winter months, don't fret. It's time to start anew. No matter what you did wrong in the past few months, get back on track. If you missed a Weight Watchers meeting or two, return back to your weekly meeting. In addition, it is important for you to remember there are a lot of people struggling or having setbacks. You're not alone. For the most part, I've been up and down over the last few months. Now, I'm back on track. Moreover, I have returned to my plant-based diet. Visit my post for some tips on plant-based food. Another tip is not to leave food visible on your counter. Try and purchase healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables. With all the Farmers Markets locally, there are so many healthy food options available. Weight Watchers Tracking Although, many [...]

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