Celebrate Women’s Health Week May 2019

Celebrate Women’s Health Week. Since everyone’s health is important; now is a good time to make plans to ensure better health. […]

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American Heart Gratitude Challenge

American Heart Gratitude Challenge started last month; however you can set up your own challenge anytime. A new year brings new resolutions. […]

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Healthy Aging Month September 2018

September is Healthy Aging Month. So, this is the month to focus our attention on getting older. Now is the time to get started on implementing better health. […]

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Take Your Pants For A Walk Day 2018

Today is “Take your Pants for a Walk day”. When I first heard about this, I thought everyone could have a lot of fun on this unofficial holiday. In the first place, this fun holiday is to encourage everyone to go for a walk. […]

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National Women’s Health Week

This week is National Women’s Health week. Ironically, this event kicks off on Mother’s day. So, this week is a reminder for Women to take care of themselves. Are you ready to make your health a priority? […]

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Patriots Day Boston Marathon 2018

Whether it rains or shines today, the 122nd Boston Marathon is today. First and foremost, this is a yearly event that people train for all year. […]

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National Walking Day April 2018

In the first place, National Walking Day was started in 2007. In fact, this is part of the American Heart Association to encourage healthy living. Visit my American Heart Month post for some tips on changing your diet and lifestyle. […]

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Best Fifteen Minute Home Workout

Since many of us haven’t been as active in the Winter months, today’s post provides the best fifteen minute home workout. So, are you ready to get comfortable exercising? […]

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National Healthy Weight Week

If you’re looking to start the year off right; celebrate National Healthy Weight Week. With everyone making New Year’s resolutions; it is no surprise this begins on January 20th. […]

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Diet Resolution Week January 2018

So, diet resolution week is January 1 – 7th. Indeed, committing to any type of diet is a lot of work. However, each year many individuals begin the New Year to exercise more and diet. But, how many don’t stick to the plan. So, today’s post will help you get started on a plan to success for a healthy year. […]

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