Hand Painted Beach Wine Glasses

Recently, friends and I signed up for a paint night class at Muse Paintbar to paint beach wine glasses. Because I have taken several painting classes in the past, I was looking forward to painting on wine glasses. […]

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Thinking About Tattoo Body Art

If you’re thinking about tattoo body art, today’s post focuses on the pros and cons of getting a tattoo. Since the tattoo has become present in the fashion industry, I personally won’t be getting one in this lifetime. […]

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Shoe Pleasure Pain Past Present PEM

Shoe pleasure is the newest exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum. Since everyone knows how much I love shoes, this was an exhibit I was looking forward to. […]

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Holiday Gift Giving Shopping Guide

The Holiday Gift Giving Season is upon us.   So you’re ready for holiday excitement.  Fun, Food, Family and festivities are the beauty of the season.   As well as family celebrations, it is time to think about the perfect gift for someone special. […]

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National Coloring Book Day 2016

August 2, 2016 is National Coloring Book Day.  Especially relevant today, coloring is about relaxation.  Enjoy coloring today in the comfort of your home or find a coloring event to attend. Coloring isn't just for kids.  Because coloring has become popular for adults, it is easy to find a book to enjoy for hours. National Coloring Book Day Today is a day to relax and color.  Since today is National Coloring Book Day, it is easy to open a book and start coloring.  Hence find a spot in your home.  Get lost in a fun relaxing book. National Coloring book originated back in 1970.  Adult coloring books were created and so it began.  First off, Antique Automobiles was the first coloring book for Adults published.  Since that time, there have been new books introduced every year. While there are many choices available, find something that interests you.   Choices include: Automobiles Landscape Animals Designs Stress relieving patterns and designs Doodles Countries States Yoga and other exercises Fashion designs Fairy tales Sexual and fantasy Ocean designs Swear words Inspirational choices Ocean and sea creatures Therapeutic Benefits Since coloring is extremely therapeutic, it helps generate wellness and mindfulness.  Also, coloring has the same benefits of meditation.  Due to coloring being like Nirvana to the soul, it is no wonder of the popularity of this activity.  Creating moments of quietness has a calming effect on the brain.  Repetitive coloring helps someone reach a meditative state.  Furthermore, with so many therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults, it is time find a book. Shopping Recommendations Especially relevant is to find a book to transport you to a peaceful place.  Also coloring with music is a calm and relaxing option.  Featured below is a stress relieving book on coloring patterns, shapes and designs. Color your way to calm with the book featured below.  For the purpose of coloring, the Botanical Garden Adult includes colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. In conclusion, unleash your inner Artist today. Happy National Coloring Book Day!

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Mason Sunflower Painting

Also With the start of the Summer season, I was inspired to participate in a Mason Sunflower Painting class at Muse Paint Bar.  Muse Paint Bar recently added Mason jars, wine glasses and vase painting to their curriculum.  I was excited when I received an email for a Mason Jar painting class. Details of the class were to paint two 16 ounce mason jars with sunflower details. Of course, Summer season is in full bloom with pop and sun drenched colors.  Furthermore, the sunflower plant is turning heads in a big, colorful and enticing way.  Sunflowers are showing up in gardens, floral arrangements, apparel, accessories, home décor and paintings.   The different sizes, shapes and colors that make up this flower made it fun to paint. Muse Paint Bar When I arrived, the class was set up in various tables.  I participated in a prior paint class so I had familiarity with the class lay out.  In front of your assigned seat were two mason jars, three paint brushes, a can of water, paper towels, rubbing alcohol towelette wipes, paper plates and a small container of rubbing alcohol. On the walls were two painting of sunflowers and completed mason jars. Karrie Brawn instructed the class and had two other assistants throughout the night - (tall) Julia and Kate.   Also a monitor was an addition from the last time I was there for a class.  No matter where you sat, you could look up at the Monitor and follow along.  In addition the Instructor went around to show the glass she was painting. Mason Sunflower Painting Sunflowers are fun flowers.   Colors that I used to create my painting were: Brown Red Black White Green Yellow Gold I used the brown and yellow to create an orange for the center on the flower.  Also, I used gold to highlight the sunflower coloration.  In addition, I like having the rubbing alcohol to erase any mistakes I made. After finishing the jar, we let the paint dry or used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.  Once dry, we put the jars in a bag.  In addition, instructions came to put the jar in [...]

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Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

Adult jigsaw puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain and bring you hours of enjoyment.  Children are introduced to puzzles early in their lives consisting of a few large pieces.  As Children age, more advancement in pictures and shapes are part of their development.  Jigsaw puzzles have been a form of entertainment for children and adults for centuries.  Puzzle building can be a full brain workout. Adult Jigsaw Puzzles Today, adults enjoy the experience of opening up a brand new puzzle box.  Perception and coordination help enhance creativity, problem solving and motor skills for both adults and children.   My Husband recent bought me a Vogue Charles James Ball Gown puzzle as a gift.  This 1000 fashion piece puzzle brought me hours of enjoyment.  I worked on this puzzle over the last several months and with the help of my Husband, I recently completed it.  This puzzle was challenging, yet provided me with an opportunity to de-stress, keep me alert and expand my creativity.    While looking at the pieces regularly, it provided good aid for me mentally. Since Edie's death, I have had a difficult time focusing.  By focusing on the puzzle, it provided meditation and a calmness that I needed.  I received immense pleasure creating this puzzle on a daily basis.  Also it sharpens my memory and clears the cobwebs.  Furthermore I start seeing things differently.  Finding a solution to the puzzle also helped me see certain problems clearer. With the help of my husband, I was able to complete the puzzle last week.  This puzzle building is what many doctors suggest is quite therapeutic.   My Husband bought a beautiful frame for this masterpiece.  Every time I walk by, I will remember the hours of pleasure putting together this puzzle brought me. So next time you feel like doing something creative, consider getting lost in one of these creative adult jigsaw puzzles.

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Met Gala 2016 Fashions

Met Gala 2016 Fashions are one of the biggest events on the East Coast the first Monday in May.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fundraising gala is the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit.  Of course, this year’s theme set the tone for the fashions since guests show up matching the theme of the exhibit.  This year’s theme is Manus x Machina.  In the same fashion, this exhibit is about designers allowing handmade and machine-made styles to coexist in haute couture and ready to wear.  Additionally, the exhibit hosts more than 150 designs since the 20th century. […]

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Tie Dye Trip

Tie Dye has been around since the mid 1960's in the United States.  Furthermore, various techniques have been practiced around the world. Also, this is well known in Africa, India and Japan. Tie Die History and Process So, the process of creating this consists of twisting, pleating, folding and crumpling of fabric with strings or rubber bands followed by an application of dye. The patterns can include spiral, mandala and peace signs.  In the first place, this gained popularity in the 1960's and 1970's. At the same time, this technique became popular back in the 1960's to save RIT dye. Because the brand was loosing its market share; the Manager, Don Price was determined to save the brand and find new purposes.  Dyer's in other Countries were using RIT dye to decorate and imprint clothing.  Don decided to bring the tie-dye process to America hoping it would attract a younger audience.  The hippie movement was gaining popularity and psychedelic colors were becoming the rage.  People wanted to make individual clothing statements. Don Price went to Greenwich Village in New York hoping to ignite interest.  He was able to recruit several Artists who experimented with the process. RIT packaged dye products in liquid dispensers that could easily be squeezed onto fabrics and this kept the colors from running together.  Designers liked the concept and started making styles attracting the attention of well known Actors, Musicians and Performers.   The trend continued to grow in popularity and it was easy to find T-shirts at Concert venues, street fairs and festivals.  The process has become much more streamlined with many Companies offering dye's that are easy to use.  If you want to get creative or enjoy a day of arts and crafts, the kit featured below is recommended. Tie Dye Trip There has been interest in fashion in creating sophisticated tie-dye styles.  Some designers have used simple motifs, monochromatic color schemes and fabrics such as silk, linen and woven. Dip into a favorite trend for Spring and Summer.  Tie dye's never seem to go out of style and there are many choices.  Items to consider purchasing [...]

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