Adult Coloring Books

Coloring Books are no longer just for Children.  They are having a moment and are selling well in the Adult market.   The first successful coloring books for Adults were published in 2012 and 2013 and have grown in popularity since.   This past holiday season, I bought several Adult Coloring Books and colored pencils for many friends.  This is a fun activity for anyone.  By and large, it is a good way to de-stress at the end of the day or just to get lost in an activity by yourself. Getting Started With Coloring Books To begin coloring, select a book that you like and can relate to.  For instance, some options available are: Ocean Scenes Flowers Secret Garden Mythology Fairy Tales Animals Landscapes Masks Faces Politicians Fashions Sex positions The above are just a handful of options available. I have purchased several coloring books in the fashion genre as well as many different color pencils.    To get started - pick a book that you think you would enjoy coloring and go straight to the color pencils.  There are guides and tools available to take it up a notch by blending colors, shading and adding highlights.  Therefore, you're able to make the picture a masterpiece. Coloring has a therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus and bring about more mindfulness.  Coloring is like meditation. For example, it allows the brain to switch off other thoughts and focus on creating something.   In particular, the Adult Coloring Books below are some you may want to consider purchasing for yourself or as gifts. The colored pencils featured below are perfect for Adult coloring. Health Benefits of coloring The health benefits of coloring is it is a relaxing exercise.  Coloring relieves stress!  The health benefits go beyond relaxation.  Consequently, they help exercise fine motor skills and train the brain to focus.  Many Doctors recommend coloring to relieve anxiety.  Certainly, coloring lets stressed out adults feel like kids again and channel a worry free lifestyle. In any event, you don't have to be an expert Artist, Painter or Crafter - just select something that speaks to you and [...]

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Paper Bowl Class

So this past Saturday, I participated in a Paper Bowl Class at the Paper Source in Lynnfield Massachusetts.  Since I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts projects; I enjoyed taking a class to unwind.   One of the first things I did in the class was select approximately 30 shapes of paper for my bowl. […]

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Native American Fashion Exhibit

Native American Fashion is vibrant today.  Also, it is a bona fide style from suede fringe, seed-bead work, embroidery, and feather influence.  Indeed, the influence is relevant today […]

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Space Age Fashion

Space Age Fashion is a trend emerging this Spring.  Many collections for this upcoming Spring Season have become more futuristic.  With the frantic pace of fashion season after season, many Designers are focusing on the present. Raf Simmons of Dior designed light technical clothing for his collection presently hitting the stores for Spring. Nicholas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton designed his collection for spring meshing virtual worlds and avatars.  He used traditional materials in creating futuristic fashions. Ghesquière collection on the space theme was a huge hit with Minecraft and Tron influence.  In fact, Minecraft has become such a hit with children of all ages that it is no wonder this is having such a strong influence on fashions. SPACE AGE FASHION IS READY FOR BLAST OFF David Bowie's Starman and space is on fashion's radar as evidenced in clothing and accessories hitting the retailers floors.  Astronauts and David Bowie tribute's played a big part on the Men's fashion runway for the recent fall collections.  Shiny white plastic and bright fiber optic styles were a strong influence on the catwalk. These space age fashions are ready for mission.  Versace's collection for fall had white trousers and matching biker jackets similar to Buzz Light from Toy Story.  Leather jackets with Nasa badges were also a stand out.  In addition, there were white puff jackets by Calvin Klein.  The influence of Star Wars and space was evident in this collection. WOMEN'S SPACE AGE FASHION READY FOR THE UNIVERSE Women's fashions were evident not only in the Spring and Summer collections but also for Fall and Winter shows that just ended.  Space suits, silver trousers, crinkled dresses and boots are styles we will see this spring in retailers and moving forward for future seasons. Space age fashions are ready to take us to the next galaxy.  The future is bright and certainly a fun style for the future of fashion. What fashion styles will you be wearing with the space age fashion trend?

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