Summer Season Begins Today 2019

Finally, the first day of the Summer season begins today. Indeed, this season is a favorite for many people. With longer days of sunshine and time to be outside more often; what’s not to love? […]

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The Girl He Used To Know Book Review

The girl he used to know is a book I recently received by SheSpeaks. When I received this book, I was excited to start reading. […]

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Mini Travel Carry-on Essentials 2019

Mini travel carry-on essentials are an important part of any travel plans. Whether you’re planning a long weekend, a few days or an extended vacation; today’s post will help you with things you will need. […]

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Shop Green Monday December 10 2018

Shop Green Monday, today! Typically, this day usually falls on the second Monday of the month of December. And, many consider this the second Cyber Monday of the holiday season. […]

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Santa’s List Day December 4 2018

Santa’s List Day is today! So, have you been nice? Or, have you been naughty? What list are you on? Because Santa is making his list; so, you better be good, for goodness sake. […]

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Navigating Black Friday November 23 2018

Navigating Black Friday can be challenging. But, today’s post will provide you with some tips on saving time and beating the crowds.  […]

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The Dream Daughter Book Review

The Dream Daughter begins in 1965 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In the first place, this novel is time travel. First and foremost, the question is what would you do to save your child? And, that is the story. […]

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Happy Book Lovers Day August 9 2018

Today is Book Lovers Day. In the first place, this is an unofficial holiday that wants everyone to pick up a book to read. So, are you ready to celebrate your love of reading? […]

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Best Summertime Book Boyfriend 2018

Are you in search of a Summertime book boyfriend? Well, don’t fret as I have you covered with some of the best stories to read right now. […]

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Finally Summer Solstice Day 2018

So, today is Summer Solstice Day. Indeed, time flies and we’re half way through the calendar year. Finally, the season has arrived. What’s on your bucket list for the season? Check out my Summer Bucket List Before Fall Comes post and get started on having the time of your life. […]

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