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National Women’s Friendship Day

National Women’s Friendship Day is today. So, this day was created by the Kappa Delta Sorority. This day is all about celebrating special friendships among Women. […]

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Celebrate Self Improvement Month

Celebrate self improvement month! So, this month is all about improving yourself. Whether you’re looking to become more fulfilled in your personal life or grow professionally; this is a good month to become a better you. […]

Long Awaited Closure March 2019

The long awaited closure of my beloved Sister Edie was received on the recent conviction, for the heinous and brutal murder by her estranged husband. […]

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Wife Appreciation Day September 16 2018

Wife appreciation day is today and it is a day for the husbands to let their spouse know how much they appreciate them. So, if you’re not familiar with this non-holiday, today is a day to let your Wife know how much you love her. […]

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Understanding The Grieving Process

No doubt, losing someone and how we face the grieving process is one of life’s difficult moments. In the first place, loss means different things to different people. […]

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National Husband Appreciation Day

So, you may be asking yourself “What is National Husband Appreciation Day”? Well, no one really knows how this holiday started. Today’s post will help you show your Hubby why you chose to marry him. […]

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Happy Heavenly Birthday Maria Mota

Although you’re not physically here for your birthday Maria; I wanted to make a wish for you today. So no matter where you are today, I want to send my love to you. […]

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Happy Birthday in Heaven, Edie

Another year without you, as I want to wish you a Happy Birthday in heaven, Edie today. So, this year will be the second birthday since you died. […]

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Maria Mota’s Heavenly Departure

Maria Mota’s heavenly departure was yesterday. Although many of us knew what was going to happen, our minds were not ready to accept her death. Due to the cancer spreading, nothing could have prepared her family and friends for her final moments. […]

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Pause and Remember Maria Mota

Remember Maria Mota. After Maria was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last Summer, she underwent months of treatment and multiple surgeries, but lost the battle yesterday. […]

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