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Support Mota Strong Cancer Walk

Support Mota Strong Cancer walk on May 21, 2017! Because my Sister-in-law was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year, a group has been formed to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from cancer. […]

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Lynne’s Life Journey Begins Anew

Lynne’s life journey begins anew this year. Since the death of my sister Edie, my family life has changed drastically. With tragedy, things can change. Since this year began, I have made several resolutions that I will share with you in this post. […]

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Edie’s One Year Death Unveiling

Today marks Edie’s one year death anniversary.  Of course, Edie is never far from my thoughts as I have found myself over the last several days often going back in time and memory. […]

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Happy Birthday Edie

It has been 8 months ago that I lost my Sister and today I want to wish her Happy Birthday Edie.  My Sister, Edie who died over 8 months ago is frozen in my mind.  Today – I celebrate her life in spirit and memory as she would have turned 46 today.  I think of Edie every day as I see her bright smile and twinkling blue eyes. […]

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Celebrate Mothers Day

Celebrate Mothers Day Celebrate Mothers Day today.  Due to the loss of my Mother, I find this a sad holiday.  Since many have lost a parent and are familiar with the pain that usually occurs on Mothers Day, I am sure they can resonate with me.  I have difficulty celebrating this day with the loss of my Mother. When my Mother was alive, my Sister's and I usually took my Mother to lunch.  Although my Mother has been gone for many years, this day is always a reminder of my loss. So, celebrate the day even if you lost your Mother with looking at an old photo album. In the years that have passed, I have tried to reflect on this day and remember my Mothers love, comfort and happiness. On Mothers Day, it is important to not take this day for granted, if your Mother is alive.  Spend quality time with your Mom.  Plan a walk outdoors, bring her a special treat or plan a special meal for your Mom.  If you live out of state, spend an extra few minutes speaking to your Mom on the telephone.  Mothers like to hear from her children.  Something as simple as a phone call, a card, or being there is all a Mother wants. Loss of a Mother Celebrate Mothers Day by keeping your Mother close to your heart. Strength heals the heart. Especially, celebrate this day and rejoice in memories of your Mom. Thank you Mom for contributing to the person I am today.  Certainly my Mom holds a special place in my heart.  I try and wear a piece of her jewelry every day and feel I have a guardian angel watching over me. Celebrate Mothers Day today and everyday with your Mom. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers, Foster Mom's, Grandmothers, and Mother-in-laws! What will you be doing to celebrate Mothers Day?

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Husband Mr. Right

My Husband is Mr. Right.  Joe and I have been married for 11 years and I know I’m a lucky Woman to have the perfect partner in life.  Love is about finding the right person and creating a beautiful relationship for eternity.  My love affair with Joe began several months after dating.    Joe and I started our relationship slowly and built it on friendship, trust and love. […]

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I Am That Girl

I am that Girl!  We all know a girl who is beautiful, charming and perfect.  Additionally, we love her.  We hate her.  Furthermore, we all want to be her. So, I have a big heart, quick on my feet and a brilliant mind. But, I am me – perfectly flawed and a work in progress. […]

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Joy Jewelers Fireman Necklace

Joy Jewelers fireman necklace is something for anyone to purchase who has a loved one who serves the public.  If you have someone in your life who serves as a fireman or in the line of duty, consider a charm or necklace that will last a lifetime. Joy Jewelers is a leading online retailer of personalized jewelry, inspirational jewelry, fashion trends at an exceptional value.  In addition, Joy Jewelers is headquartered in California and has been in business since 2005.  Furthermore, Joy Jewelers is known for their large selection, excellent customer service, low prices and high quality.    Since 2005 over 100,000 Customers have shopped their selection with confidence.  They offer over 60,000 products on their website.  Joy Jewelers is always adding to their selection and updating their site regularly.  They are able to sell at low prices as they buy factory direct and able to pass on the savings to their customers.] Joy Jewelers Fireman Necklace The dedication and devotion to public service is no more apparent when you look at life lead by a firefighter.  Firefighters spend hours at the firehouse and devote their lives to the health and welfare of others.  Also, they save individuals from burning buildings and enter into dangerous situations.  Furthermore, they save homes and business from devastating losses are just some of the things a firefighter does every day as part of their regular job.  A way to honor their commitment is with a Joy Jewelers fireman necklace. If you are the wife, mother, girlfriend or daughter of a firefighter than honor them with a Joy Jewelers fireman necklace.    They have a large selection including crosses, helmet badges, Saint Florian medals and more.  The pendants and necklaces for firefighters and their loved ones are available in sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. Fire safety is the utmost concern for anyone serving as a Fireman.  Let me know what style necklace you select and if anyone you know is a Fireman and what this means to you. Visit Joy Jewelers

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Memorable Gift

A memorable Gift was given to me this past Holiday Season.  My Husband knew how close I was with my Sister Edie that passed away in November.  He took the time to have a special handbag with Edie's photograph made for me. Since the holidays are over, I think it is important to ask,  “What do I want to manifest in my life on a personal level.  The holidays are a time of stress for many as well as great joy.   It is not always necessary to follow the old traditions that have been in place.  I think it is important as we grow older to ask ourselves  “Do we support the traditions of who we are?  Traditions that are important to me supports my soul and encourages joy in my life. Whether we are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday or an Anniversary it is important to me to celebrate with friends and family in a way that will make you happy. Memorable Gift Giving can manifest in many different ways.   Material gifts are wonderful to give and receive.  Sometimes it is important to give gifts of time, listening, caring and helping in the needs of others.  With the loss of my Sister Edie this past November I received two very memorable gifts.  My Niece Lauren had a photograph made of myself, with her and my Sister Edie and had it framed.  My Husband used sentimentality when selecting the handbag above. Giving a gift is individual.  When selecting a gift it is important to take the time to imagine what would make the recipient happy.  Sometimes allowing something personal is the best present to give as evidenced above.   Giving a gift from the heart means the world to me.  Displaying the photograph my Niece gave me is something I will see every day.  The handbag that I began using today is a special gift, and something that will keep Edie close to me in memory and spirit. Traditions can last a lifetime.  A gift that means the most to me are ones that speak expressively to my heart and soul.   The gifts I received recently will [...]

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Memories will begin the New Year for me after the loss of my Sister Edie in November and my Father-in-law Marty this past Summer. Memories Edie was taken from our life.  Her passing filled me with great pain.  Though she is gone from amongst us - she will remain forever in my heart. Marty was taken after leading a long life weeks before his 97th Birthday.  Fond memories linger of my conversations with Marty about the Red Sox and New England Patriots.  Every week when I watch the Patriots I think of Marty and his love for the team.  Remembrance keeps him near Thinking back to my childhood and my first family vacation.  Remembering my gingham bikini and the softness of the sand.   My excitement of being at the beach.  Filling my bucket with water and building sand castles.  Vacations to Walt Disney World and photographs with the Disney Character's.  My first day of school and the tooth fairy leaving me a dollar under my pillow.  These Early memories such as above often arise looking at old photo albums.  These old moments can feel present.  Time can erase many things however photographs keep them alive.  Though our memory can sometimes be distorted - our true life experience will always remain.  In fact, the brain’s ability to preserve or alter memories lies at the heart of each human being. Memories of My Best Friend In conclusion I lost a best friend with Edie's passing.  Moreover on a day like today with the sun shining bright, I know Edie is out on a long walk in a beautiful place.  Furthermore, beautiful memories Edie left behind. Days, nights, weeks, months and years will pass.  Sunshine passes, clouds fade, rain falls, snow piles up and shadows will show.  Love will outlast all.  Remembering Edie and Marty with love and affection will keep me strong and living every day to its fullest. Could you tell me a story of a memory of your brother or sister?  How that person really changed the course of your life by something he or she might have done.

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