Celebrate Labor Day September 2

Celebrate Labor Day today. So, the last holiday weekend of Summer has arrived. Indeed, this day is all about you. The U.S. Department of Labor wants to celebrate all American workers. In my opinion, the best things about this holiday is having three days off. […]

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National Drink Wine Day February 18

National Drink Wine Day is today. So, are you ready to gather your friends and uncork a bottle of wine today? Celebrate this fun holiday by having a glass of vino. […]

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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2019

Valentines Day is one of the most romantic holidays. So, are you ready to find the perfect gift for him, her, a friend, or anyone? Well, today’s post will help you choose the perfect gift. […]

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National Nothing Day January 16 2019

National Nothing Day is observed today. So, if you never heard about his day; it is a day that was created for everyone to sit around, celebrate or do nothing at all. […]

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Boxing Day December 26 2018

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th. So, you’re asking yourself “What is Boxing Day?” And yes, this is a real day celebrated in the United Kingdom and other countries. […]

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Seven Fishes Holiday Celebration

Seven fishes is a tradition for most Italian families on Christmas Eve. So, everything you want to know about creating this feast will have you ready to savour this Italian-American holiday tradition. […]

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Holiday Season Kindness Acts

Holiday Season Kindness is about the spirit of giving back. When everyone seems so focused on shopping, there are some kind things you can do this time of year. […]

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Holiday Gift Wrapping Guide 2018

Holiday gift wrapping can be a lot of fun. And, if you’re in need of a little extra help in wrapping, don’t fret. As today’s guide will offer you some tips to make your gifts look perfect. […]

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Dazzling Holiday Makeup 2018

No look is complete without dazzling holiday makeup. With holiday parties, Christmas and New Years Eve around the corner, now is the time to transform your makeup. […]

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Perfect Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gifts

Find the perfect stocking stuffer gifts that will put a smile on everyone’s face. By now, everyone’s stocking is hanging by the chimney with care in hope that St. Nicholas will soon be here. Well, you don’t have to worry about St. Nicolas’s arrival with my ideas for fabulous and fun stocking gifts for everyone. […]

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