Great Pumpkin Story 2019

When I was a little girl, I was always excited about the great pumpkin. Every year, I looked forward to Charlie Brown – It’s the Great Pumpkin. Now, that I’m older; not much has changed. Indeed, there is something about Fall and the month of October that has me looking for the best pumpkins to carve. […]

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Busy Sports Month October 2019

Did you know October is a busy sports month? So, maybe you didn’t know this. Well, think about it. In the first place, this month when you turn on your television set; you will most likely find your favorite sports game on. […]

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MAFS Charlotte Finale Reunion 2019

MAFS Charlotte finale was last week. Be sure to read my Married at First Sight Charlotte post on the couples from Charlotte. After last season’s bad pairing of Katie and Luke; I was hoping the experts would have been much more careful in their matchmaking efforts. However, that wasn’t the case. […]

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