Masquerade Fundraiser 2019

Recently, I was in New York attending a Masquerade Fundraiser for We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports. Since I’ve been working with this non-profit organization; they have increased their programs to reach at-risk youth. […]

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Sandals Barbados Vacation 2019

My husband and I just returned from Sandals Barbados. Since we have never vacationed at a Sandals property; we were unsure whether we would like this or not. […]

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Summer Vacation Travel Plans

Indeed, there is something nice about a Summer Vacation. So, if you’re deciding what to do; I have some places for you to check out. […]

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Encore Boston Review June 2019

So, Encore Boston is officially open. Because the Wynn and Encore hotel are my go-to places whenever I’m in Las Vegas; I was excited to have this property in my backyard. […]

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Mini Travel Carry-on Essentials 2019

Mini travel carry-on essentials are an important part of any travel plans. Whether you’re planning a long weekend, a few days or an extended vacation; today’s post will help you with things you will need. […]

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Charleston South Carolina Holiday Vacation

Charleston South Carolina was a nice place to celebrate the holidays. When the year first started, I was determined to travel to a place I haven’t yet been to. Check out my Jet Set Travel Vacation Plans post to read more if you’re planning a trip. […]

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Beautiful Fall Scenic Foliage 2018

Beautiful Fall scenic foliage trips will have you ready to get in your car and hit the road. Whether you live in the city or want to get away for a few days, there is plenty to do before the leaves start to change. […]

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Best Aruba Dining Spots 2018

Because I’m a foodie, I always look forward to different Aruba dining spots to check-out each time we vacation there as well as our tried and true favorites. Although Aruba is known for its beautiful weather, it also has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. […]

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Aruba One Happy Island Vacation

So, what makes Aruba one happy island is the white sand, 80’s degree days – every day and some of the friendliest people. With a direct flight from Boston, Aruba is only a little over four hours away. So, are you ready to learn why Aruba is “One Happy Island”. […]

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Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

With Memorial Day around the corner, up your getaway vacation styles with the following ideas to look effortless. No doubt, you’re counting down the days before you take off. But, you may wonder what to pack. So, today’s post will have you vacation ready. […]

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