Celebrate National Splurge Day! So, today is all about you. Make sure you treat yourself to something you want or if you don’t have the money; why not treat yourself to something you want to do today?

Celebrate National Splurge Day

When it comes to splurging, what comes to mind? Whether there is something you need or something you want; today is a fun holiday to think about things you may want to do. At the same time, the day is about celebrating you and something you may want to do for yourself or others. If you want to do something nice for someone else; be sure to check out my Global Good Deeds Day post for some ideas.

Small Splurges

Ultimately, a splurge is about indulging in something luxurious or pleasurable for yourself. So, if you’re trying to think of something to splurge on; I have some ideas for ways to treat yourself.

  • First, splurge on something sweet. Hence, add some whipped cream to your hot cocoa or latte.
  • Second, head to a spa this afternoon. Treat yourself to a facial, manicure, massage, or pedicure.
  • Third, spend some time checking out places you would like to vacation and book a trip.
  • Finally, splurge on five star dining or a nice bottle of wine.

What to Splurge on

Of course, an occasional splurge is normal. So, are you ready to splurge?

Celebrate the day and treat yourself to this sinful, yet scrumptious creamy truffles. From Belgium, these chocolates are packaged in a beautiful tin. After you’re done with the truffles, you can use this tin to store things or as a decorative accessory.


Celebrate National Splurge Day

Meanwhile, if you have to work all day; why not treat yourself to a relaxing moment at home? For some ideas, be sure to check out my Spa Experience at Home post.

From Amazon, this spa gift set has all the makings to treat you or someone else to an oasis of relaxation.


When you’re looking to make a purchase for a pair of designer shoes without the hefty price tag; the mules below are perfect. From Aquazurra, these mules are the perfect style to wear throughout the Summer.


Celebrate National Splurge Day

Of course, all of my above ideas are things that don’t cost a lot of money; yet, you will feel treated in a small or big way.

In conclusion, the best type of splurges are things that are not wasteful. Prioritize what you need or want and enjoy the day.

As always, I welcome your comments on what you will do to Celebrate National Splurge Day.