Celtics sweep Pacers in the first round. In a fourth quarter surge, the Celtics break out the brooms in a score of 110 – 106 and will head to the second round.

Celtics Sweep Pacers

Although this year, the Celtics have been up and down throughout the regular season; they played better towards the end of the season. To read more about this year’s first round playoff match-up; be sure to check out my NBA Playoff Bracket Update 2019 post.

Kyrie Irving appeared to have suffered an injury in the first half of the game. Although he didn’t score as many points as he did in the prior game; he didn’t need to. In this game, Gordon Hayward had 20 points, Jayson Tatum and Marcus Morris both scored 18 points and Terry Rozier contributed 11 points.

Indeed, this win was a team effort.

Celtic Sweep Pacers – Advance to Second Round

When the Celtics were eliminated in the playoffs last year, Jayson Tatum said prior to this season starting –  the Celtics would make it to the finals in 2019. To read more about the their loss to the Cavaliers in last year’s playoffs; be sure to visit my Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Loss post.

Since LeBron James went to the Western Conference to play for the Lakers; many sports analysts thought the Celtics would dominate the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, this season has been unpredictable for the Celtics; however, will this team be a surprise in the playoffs?

As you know the Patriots didn’t have the best regular season record; but they rose to the occasion in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. To read more about this, be sure to check out my New England Patriots Win Sixth Super Bowl post. So, anything can happen in the playoffs.

Now, that the Celtics have swept the Pacers; they will have a little bit of rest as they advance to the second round. In the second round, the Celtics will face either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Detroit Pistons.

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