Did you know closet organization can make everything easier? When clothes, shoes and accessories you don’t wear are occupying space; it is time to do a deep clean.

Closet Organization

So, you’re not sure if you’re ready to tackle cleaning out your closet. First and foremost, if your clothes look like a tornado has struck; than there is no time like the present, to tackle this project.

Whenever I tackle organizing my closet, the first thing I do is take out every item of clothing. Since I have a large walk in closet, I keep my clothes organized by color and style. For example, I have all skirts, shirts and dresses together. However, part of my closet has dressier clothes in its own area.

For some tips on closet organization, check out my Clean, Donate, Swap, Sell Clothes post. So, are you ready to begin?

  1. First, gather all your clothes that you don’t wear and start a bag.
  2. Second, take inventory of clothes you wear.
  3. Moreover, donate or sell clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for eons.
  4. Now, that you have taken inventory; it is time to decide whether you want to donate, sell or organize a clothing swap party with your friends.

Closet Organization Project

At the same time – now that you’re committed to this project; it is important to have a few big bags or containers. Usually, I use Hefty durable trash bags. Although these are used mainly for your trash; I use this for any items I’m donating to charity.

In my opinion, these bags are versatile and ideal for transporting items to your donation center.


Closet Organization Tips 2019

When you’re deciding what to do with your clothes, accessories and shoes; you have a few options. If your clothes are damaged, trash may be the best option. If you’re donating, find a cause that means something to you. To donate items; check out the donation services listed below.

  • Dress for Success – Indeed, there is real success in empowering Women to return to work in slightly worn clothes.
  • Career Gear– Similarly to Dress for Success, this organization accepts business attire clothes for men.
  • Big Brother Big Sister Foundation – This organization is on a mission to ensure every child has the ability to thrive in life. Hence, Big Brother Big Sister will come to your home for gently worn clothing.
  • The Salvation Army – Schedule or find a place to drop off clothes, furniture or household items.
  • American Red Cross – Sadly, there are natural disasters all over the world. American Red Cross needs clothes, shoes and household linens. To schedule a pick-up; phone Green Drop.


Of course, there are thousands of consignment shops and online shops. Whether you have a trusted store nearby or not; look online for some places to sell your clothes. In essence, you may even make some extra cash.

While closet organization may take you some time; it’s worth it.

As always, I welcome your closet organization tips.