Colton Underwood final rose went to – wait was there a final rose? Indeed, rumors have been circulating all season that during the overnight dates; Colton decides he wants to be with Cassie and never goes on the remaining overnight date.

Colton Underwood Final Rose

No doubt, Colton has shown his vulnerability all season. Before his season started, many didn’t think he should be the Bachelor. To read more about Colton’s journey, check out my Colton Underwood Bachelor Spoilers post.

After the overnight date with Tayshia Adams, Colton’s next overnight date is with Cassie.

In prior seasons, the Bachelor or Bachelorette have let others know “they are falling in love”. But Colton made up his mind. He let’s the cat out of the bag and tells Cassie he loves her.

When Colton lets Cassie know of his decision, she tells him she isn’t ready to be engaged. So, you may be wondering what was she was doing on the Bachelor? Shortly after, Cassie leaves.

Since Colton doesn’t want to continue as the Bachelor, he leaves. Finally, the fence jump that we have seen previewed all season happens.

After production finds Colton,, he decides to not go on the overnight with Hannah Goodwin.

Cassie Randolph

From early on, Cassie has been a fan favorite. Although we didn’t see her interaction with Colton until half way through the episodes; it was clear he was smitten.

Since, we learn Cassie isn’t ready to get engaged; will they date? Are Colton and Cassie still in a relationship? Next…

Colton Underwood Final – After the Rose…

So, now we know this season ended without a final rose, what happened after the show stopped filming?

In my opinion, this season’s final episodes were dragged on way too long. Certainly, this didn’t need to be spread out over two weeks.

In the next episode, we learn Colton goes to Cassie and let’s her know how he feels. Instead of telling her, he wants to show her. Colton let’s Cassie know he has let the other two girls go and he is willing to be patient. So, he asks for a second chance.

Cassie agrees to go to Spain to meet Colton’s family. Will she decide to give their relationship a chance? Or, is she still on the fence? In their last night together, the show ends on a positive note. Cassie decides to give their relationship a chance.

In summary, Chris brings Colton and Cassie on stage. Although they’re not engaged, they want to take their time dating, travelling and growing as a couple.

Finally, the show ends with the new Bachelorette being announced.

Hannah Brown a.k.a. Hannah B. will begin her journey for love. Similarly to Becca and Rachel’s season, Chris surprises Hannah with her first five men. However, there was a twist this time – Hannah gives out her first rose. Of course, it will be nice to see if the first rose she gives out; will be one of her final guys.

As always, I welcome your comments on whether you watched Colton Underwood’s final rose.