Because it is cold outside, today’s post is about wearing cozy fashionable winter styles to try this season. Master the cold this winter by investing in these winter staples.

Cozy Fashionable Winter Staples

Winter weather can be tricky. If you live in an area that has winter storms and cold temperatures, prepare to tackle the weather by staying warm. Of course, you own a coat or jacket. Is it the right one for your region of the country? By wearing a mid or maxi style coat, this below the knee style will keep you warm. Also, it will elevate your style when wearing jeans and a sweater or chic coverage when wearing a skirt or dress.

Additionally, make sure you have good boots. With this in mind, make sure you have a rugged boot to provide warmth. Moreover, if you live in a part of the country that has a lot of snow, make sure you have a good snow or waterproof boot. Visit my prior boot post for recommendations.

Of course, cozy fashionable winter sweaters are a must. Since all fashionista’s want to look stylish, yet warm at the same time, who can resist a chunky, cashmere or fisherman sweater. Furthermore, sweaters work with everything.

You already own pants, shirts and cozy sweaters. Update your style by having the shirt hem peak out from under your sweater. In addition, a great pant, jean or leather (vegan) leggings can elevate your style. Also, there is nothing like a wide brim hat to complete your outfit. In the same fashion, below is the perfect style for the season. Nicole rocks with her street style look.  By putting together easy pieces, you can look put together.

A close friend of mine knits beautiful hats and wears her hat higher on her head with her hair down.

Cozy Fashionable Winter Tips

Now that you have your winter fashion complete, don’t forget about your skin. Make sure you wear a good moisturizer and sunscreen during the winter months. Protect your skin during the cold.

Since outdoor activities can expose you to safety hazards, it is important to be prepared. Dress in layers. Wear appropriate outdoor clothes. Mittens, hats, scarves and waterproof boots are crucial to surviving the cold. While outdoor events can expose you, make sure you plan ahead.


When you’re planning to be outdoors, make sure you turn to your weather channel. Be prepared for Mother Nature this winter.