Now that the holiday season is over; you’re ready to nestle in and read a few good books. So, when it is snowing outside and you’re looking to get cozy; this post will provide some of my favorite books to read.

Winter Reading Books Recommended

Whether you’re looking for a good romance, a non-fiction book or something in-between, I have you covered. So, get ready to settle in and turn the page.

Sports Romance

One of my biggest passions is sports. As a Sports writer and big fan of New England teams; I’m always on the lookout for a good sports fiction book. In my opinion, this book had it all. Meanwhile if you’re a foodie; this book will hold your interest. Not only is the main character a football player; but he also owns a restaurant. Enter Amelia Lawrence, his head chef and put the two of them together and they will have you hungry. Also, there is plenty of sizzle between the two characters as they embark on a relationship.

Cozy Winter Reading Books 2018

Politics and Romance

From the minute I started reading this book; it held my attention. In the first place, Sway is the first book in the Landry Family Series. Right from the beginning, the main characters was everything I hoped for in a book. So get ready to read one of the best political romance stories. After reading this book; I have downloaded the other books in the Landry Family Series to my Kindle.

Cozy Winter Reading Books 2018

Fashion and Romance

Since I’m always on the lookout for any book that combines fashion, romance and fiction; I loved Little Gray Dress. So last year, I read Nine Woman One Dress Novel and thoroughly enjoyed this book. However Little Gray Dress had me hooked from the beginning. In the same fashion, this books plot evolved around Emi who had a major misunderstanding with her ex-fiance. Ultimately, this book is a modern-day fairytale. You will not be able to put this book down.

Cozy Winter Reading Books 2018

Let me know some of your favorite books you have read.

As always, I welcome you comments.

Happy Winter Reading!