Are you looking for some easy Spring cleaning tips? Although you may have cleaning products at your disposal; today’s post will provide you with some easy tips to help you get your home done in a day.

Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

So, are you ready to get your home sparkling? Not only is this important for everyone in your household; but also is important for anyone who suffers from any type of allergies. Below is a list to help you organize each room in your home.

Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas 2019

Now, that you have the list ready; tackle each room one at a time. With warmer weather, open your windows. First and foremost, locate your cleaning supplies. Indeed, fingerprints can collect on your cabinets, microwave, stove and refrigerator. To cut through grease, fingerprints and build-up, Lysol will leave your kitchen clean, yet smelling fresh.


Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas 2019

Now, that you have your kitchen sparkling; it is time to organize all of your appliances. In addition, you should store any extension cords and replace your light bulbs and test your smoke alarm.

For any bathroom or kitchen floor, you should use a cleaner that has a neutral PH. Moreover, Mop & Glo will put a shine on any wooden, tile or ceramic floor.


Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas 2019

A new season is the time to change your bedding. Whether you’re switching your comfortable and pillow shams or not; these items should be tossed into your laundry at least three times a year. Also, your sheets and pillowcases should be washed once a week.

Of course, one of the most important steps of organizing your home is to clean out your closet and drawers. Now is the time to donate or toss anything you no longer use. To read more, be sure to check out my Closet Organization Tips 2019 post to read about where to donate or sell items you don’t need or wear any longer.

Hence, if you’re looking to make your home look fresh; you may want to paint your walls. To read about the top paint colors of the year; visit my Trending Benjamin Moore Interior Colors post to be inspired.

Finally, don’t forget about your air conditioner. Moreover, it is important to replace your filters regularly. In fact, this will keep out dust particles as well as having you breathe cleaner air.

In summary, these easy Spring cleaning tips will have you enjoying your home and you ready to enjoy the warmer weather.

As always, I welcome your comments on some of your easy Spring cleaning tips.