Fall Winter biggest color trends are warm and flattering. So each season, Pantone creates a color overview. Are you ready for what color story you will see for the Fall and Winter season?

Fall Winter Biggest Color Trends

So this season, there are 12 colors, as well as 4 neutrals that you will see in the stores and in print. Because living coral is the color of the year; there are several variations of this golden color for Fall and Winter. Be sure to check out my Living Coral Pantone 2019 Color post to read about this captivating shade.

Fall Winter Colors

Fall Winter Biggest Color Trends

Meanwhile, this season’s colors will have you envisioning all the scenic colors you would expect to see on a day when you’re out sight-seeing.

  • Chili Pepper is an exciting shade sure to add pop to your wardrobe.
  • Another shade that will have you thinking of the vibrant Fall season is Biking Red. This shade is a strong and powerful color ideal for the boardroom or to wear to add “Pop” to your wardrobe.
  • Creme de Peche is a soft shade that is easy to wear.
  • When you think back to living coral, peach pink is a lighter variation of the color of the year. Moreover, this color is easy to wear and flattering for a lot of skin tones.
  • Rocky road may have you thinking about the popular ice cream flavor. This color is earthy and is a great piece to wear for either sex.
  • Fruit Dove will give your wardrobe some “Pop”.
  • When you’re thinking of shades of brown, sugar almond is the perfect color to wear.
  • Indeed, almost everyone loves cheddar cheese. This color will heighten your awareness with a blend of orange and yellow.
  • Galaxy Blue is the perfect shade to wear for any skin tone.
  • Another shade of blue is Bluestone. This color is a quiet shade of blue.
  • Of course, orange tiger will add “Energy” to your look.
  • Finally, Eden is a classic color that will have you envisioning rich lush greens found on a tree or forest.

Fall Winter Classic Colors

Fall Winter Biggest Color Trends

So every season, there are shades that either stand by themselves or work as accent colors for your wardrobe. And, this season is no different. The four classic colors are:

  • Similarly to winter white, Vanilla Custard is an understated creamy white shade.
  • Evening Blue is ideal for anyone. When you’re looking to make a statement; this shade evokes confidence and sophistication.
  • Paloma is a gorgeous understated silver-gray.
  • Are you a fan of Guacamole? No doubt, this color will add some spice to your wardrobe.

Shop Fall Winter Biggest Color Trends Story

Embrace the warmth of the season in this chunky knit sweater. At the same time, this sweater features many of the colors of the season; such as Fruit Dove, Biking Red and Cheddar Cheese. No doubt, this will be your go-to style for the season.


Fall Winter Biggest Color Trends

In summary, Fall Winter biggest color trends are right on point.

As always, I welcome your comments on your favorite colors of the season.