So this past weekend, my husband and I attended the Foreigners Journey concert at the Cabot Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts. This theater provides shows in an intimate setting.

Prior to the show, my husband and I began our evening at Chianti restaurant. After dinner, we walked across the street to see the show. Since my husband and I often go to performances at the Cabot theater; we were once again looking forward to hearing the music of two of our favorite groups. Recently, we saw Sal Valentinetti at the Cabot theatre. Be sure to check out my Fun Food Sal Valentinetti May 2019 post.

Foreigners Journey Band

Foreigners Journey Tribute July 2019

This band brings together the style of two great bands of the 1980’s. From the rock songs of Foreigner to the rock ballards of Journey; you’re able to experience the sound of Foreigner and Journey.

This show features:

  • Lead Vocals – Keith Carmichael
  • Guitarist and Vocals – Kevin Herrera
  • Bassist and Vocals – Joe Pettengill
  • Keyboardist and Vocals – Paul Kochanski
  • Drummer – Art Mambuca

Since there has been changes to some of the band members over the years; the present bands seems to be enjoying themselves on stage which comes across throughout their performance. Moreover, many of the band members are from the Boston area

Foreigners Journey Tribute Review

Although I’m a huge fan of both Foreigner and Journey’s music; I wasn’t a huge fan of this group. Because the Cabot theater is a small venue, a lot of the songs were much to loud for this venue.

In my opinion, the band came across as enjoying performing together; however I found much of their music not sounding like the original band.

Of course, if you’re a fan of both Foreigner and Journey – you will enjoy the music. However, the show isn’t the same as seeing the original bands performance; you will enjoy hearing the songs you grew up with.

As always, I welcome your comments if you have seen Foreigners Journey perform.