My Freda World Music Contest has started. Are you a fan of classical, opera and Italian Music? If so, I have a surprise for you. So, five lucky winners who subscribe to my blog and follow the contest rules will be entered to win a Cd/DVD giveaway.

Freda World Music Contest

Since many Italian musicians incorporate traditional Italian music into their work; I wanted to introduce my Subscribers and Followers to Freda World Music.

Not only is Joseph and his brother, Anthony extremely talented; they also have a very talented Soprano singer – Ryann. In addition to Anthony and Ryann’s breathtaking solo’s and duets; the majority of their music is original and written by Joseph Freda. Be sure to check out my Joseph Freda World Music Style post to learn more about his introduction into the world of music.

At the same time, this giveaway will introduce you to a different culture and the way you see things. Are you ready to be inspired?

My giveaway contest rules are below.

Freda World Music Contest

Hence, the prize for the giveaway is their latest CD and DVD. Good luck with the contest.

Freda World Music Concert Information

In the first place, Italy is known for having a lively base of classical music stemming from folk music. Moreover, Opera is an Italian tradition. From the early 1800’s, Italy has some of the most well known opera singers in the world.

Although the initial date of the concert was going to be Saturday, September 8, 2019; the date has changed and is now, Friday, September 6, 2019. The performance will be at the Teatro Romano Benevento.

Have you seen Freda World Music perform? Will you be in Italy in September? Of course, Joseph hopes to see you at his performance in Italy.

As always, I welcome your comments on the Freda World Music Contest.