Fun Food Sal Valentinetti was part of my weekend entertainment. So, on Saturday not only did my Husband and I attend his G.E. Family Party earlier in the day; but also we met up with another couple for a fun night. We started the night at Chianti restaurant before we walked across the street to see the concert at the Cabot Theater.

Fun Food Sal Valentinetti

Since my Husband first saw Sal perform on America’s Got Talent; he has been a fan. So, when he was playing nearby, my husband and I saw him perform live a year ago. To read more, be sure to check out my Sal Valentinetti Cabot Theater Performance post.

Although this show was different than the one we saw a year ago; his consistency is what makes him a performer you can see multiple times. He tells many jokes throughout the show as well as gives you a glimpse into his lifestyle. From a young age, Sal was delivering pizza for his cousin’s restaurant and singing at his friend’s restaurant.

After he entered American’s Got Talent, he received praise for his voice and style by Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell. At the same time, Sal has an affinity for the classics. In the same fashion, his performance includes classics from Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Dean Martin. Also, his love of these performers comes across in his swagger and voice.

Sal Valentinetti – Cabot Theater Review

Because we have seen many shows throughout the years at the Cabot Theater; we were all impressed with the upgrades to the theater.

In my opinion, this theater is the perfect venue to see a concert. You will fall in love with Sal’s personality and his gift of engagement with the audience. Because Sal comes from an Italian family, he has a love of delicious food. Not only is his love of food enjoyable to hear; but also he let the audience know of a secret – he is on a diet.

In conclusion, if you have the chance to see Sal Valentinetti – he is a “Must See”! Of course, you will fall in love with his style, personality and charisma.

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