With Memorial Day around the corner, up your getaway vacation styles with the following ideas to look effortless. No doubt, you’re counting down the days before you take off. But, you may wonder what to pack. So, today’s post will have you vacation ready.

Getaway Vacation Styles

Of course, getting ready to jet off to some tropical island, safari adventure or a vacation tour is exciting. Still, what should you wear to look comfortable, yet chic when traveling? Don’t fret as I have you covered. For some tips on packing, visit my Vacation Packing Essentials post.

First and foremost, you want to find something comfortable as you could be either at the airport or on a plane for several hours. With this in mind, the surplus sweatpants by Splendid are ideal. In my opinion, you can wear these year around. Scrunch or cuff these and pair with a T-shirt. CLICK PHOTO TO BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

Or, you can wear the sweatpants above with the tank top below. CLICK PHOTO TO BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

Whenever I’m packing, I try to come up with a couple of different colors to bring and pack accordingly. Another tip I have is to pack a lot of layers. For instance, the tank top below can be matched with a pair of shorts, jeans or a skirt. If it is cooler outside, add a sweater, sweatshirt or wrap.

Also, this stripe T-shirt is a versatile piece to wear on the plane or pack in your luggage. Not only can you wear this style for any day time activity; but you can also pair this style with a skirt and wear out to dinner. CLICK PHOTO TO BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

Mix and match the sarong style skirt for day or nighttime. SHOP NOW BY CLICKING PHOTO.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

Fun Everyday Vacation Styles

For any day or evening event, this romper is sure to get a lot of attention. In addition, this style not only comes in the print below, but is available in solid colors as well. CLICK PHOTO TO BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

In the same fashion, this pretty dress can be worn for a baby or bridal shower, as well as it is ideal to pack on your vacation. Wear it out to dinner and drinks. BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

Beach Vacation Styles

No doubt, you will be making a statement on the beach or by the pool in this fun patterned swimsuit. Wear stripes, polka dots and frills in this plunge neck one piece swimsuit. CLICK PHOTO  TO BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

After 5 Vacation Styles

Indeed, this beautiful dress is perfect for any beach wedding or tropical vacation. BUY NOW BY CLICKING PHOTO BELOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

From ASOS, this exclusive off the shoulder dress is a bold colorful explosion ideal to stand out at any event. CLICK PHOTO TO BUY NOW.

Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

Now that I have rounded up the most gorgeous vacation styles, you will surely look your best.

As always, I welcome your comments.