Hannah Brown’s final rose went to Jed Wyatt. So, rumors have been in the news all season. Did Jed have a girlfriend before he went on the show?

Hannah Brown’s Season

Since I have been an early fan of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette; I have to admit this season was a lot of fun to watch. Since early on, many questioned ABC’s chose of Hannah as the Bachelorette.

Above all, Hannah came across as a country girl with a fun personality. In my opinion, Hannah’s quirkiness came across all season; however, personally I was not a fan of the naked bungee jump and didn’t understand ABC needing to show two people who barely know each other participate in this activity.

Although there have been questions on why she kept Luke Parker after so much drama this season; she finally kicked him to the curb and earned the respect of Bachelor Nation.

Hannah Brown’s Final Rose

After letting Luke go, there are three remaining men remaining as I shared with you earlier in my Bachelorette Hannah Brown Spoilers post.

So, let’s get to the final three. After letting Luke go, the show finally resumes after the “Men tell All” episode. She let’s Peter go first. This season was different than prior seasons.

After letting Peter go, the show switched to the “Live” episode and Peter is brought on stage to talk to Chris Harrison. Finally, Hannah comes on stage and she lets Peter know there was nothing he did wrong; but her feelings were stronger for the other two men.

Next, the show switches back to the final two men remaining. First, Hannah introduces Tyler to her family. Her parents thought Tyler was a good match for her.

And, next Jed has his final date. Hannah’s parents liked Jed; but ultimately didn’t think he was the right choice for their daughter. They had concerns that his lifestyle as a musician and late nights at the bar may not be the best decision for their daughter.

Finally, it was clear Hannah was wrestling with her final decision. Yet, she gives her final rose to Jed.

Hannah Brown’s Final Rose – After the Rose

No doubt, Hannah Brown’s final rose had more twists and turns than a curvy road. In all of the years I have watched the various Bachelors and Bachelorette’s; I cannot remember someone admitting to having sex four times to the studio audience. In my opinion, some things are best left private; and personally I didn’t need to know Hannah and Peter had sex four times in the fantasy suite.

After the final rose, it is clear that Hannah learns that Jed was seeing someone before he left to be on the show. But, what came out, was he didn’t tell the truth. He never ended the relationship.

When Hannah reads the People magazine article; she reads the interview that Jed’s girlfriend gave. In my opinion, their conversation comes across that they’re not on the same page.

Hannah removes the ring and puts it on the table? Is it still on the table?

Fast forward, the show is live. Chris asks Hannah if  she is still with Jed. After telling Chris, the relationship is over; Jed is brought on stage. When Jed comes on stage, he is remorseful and apologizes.

Next, Tyler is brought on stage. If you didn’t see After the Rose, Spoiler Alert – Hannah tells Tyler she is a single gal and asks him out for a drink. Will they get together? Or, will Tyler be the next Bachelor? Inquiry minds want to know…

Next for Bachelor Nation is Bachelor in Paradise which will begin on Monday.

As always, I welcome your comments on your thoughts of Hannah Brown’s final rose.