Another year without you, as I want to wish you a Happy Birthday in heaven, Edie today. So, this year will be the second birthday since you died.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Edie

Because today is a hard day for me, I wanted to write my own personal message to my beautiful sister, Edie who is no longer with me. As I share my message with you, I ask you to think of Edie in a special way.

Last year, I shared my card on my Happy Birthday, Edie post with you. However, this year, I decided to share a new card in memory of my Sister, Edie.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Edie

My Personalized Birthday Card to Edie Today

Dear Edie,

Happy Birthday! As you know, we have a tradition of giving the same card to each other on our Birthday. Well, today, I am changing it up. In the first place, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I don’t talk to you. I think of you often and remember all of our private conversations and memories of living together.

I hope you and Mom and our relatives are having a wonderful birthday in heaven in celebration of your special day.

Although you’re not here physically, there isn’t a day that goes by that you’re not in my heart.

Love always, Lynne

Happy Birthday, Edie

Not only is today a day I think about you, but every day. Since I cannot give you a gift today, I will wish upon a star that my message of love reaches you where ever you are.

It is sad you were taken from my life too soon. As Joe and I spent the day yesterday with your boys, their looks and actions remind me so much of you.


Another year without you is a difficult day for me. While I’m writing this to you, I’m also sending you my love and special birthday message.

As I wrap my thoughts around what has happened since you died, life has taught me a lot. Because everyone processes things differently, there are many ways to remember the death of a loved one every day and especially on their birthday.

You can light a candle in memory today. Of course, it is obvious to visit the cemetery. Last year, my Husband painted beautiful rocks. Although, I may not visit the cemetery today, I will be spending the day alone to remember and cherish the time you were in my life.


To sum up, do what you can today to wish a Happy Birthday in Heaven, Edie. In addition, treasure the memories of your time with Edie.

No matter what you do today to honor or remember Edie, find a way to reflect.

As always, I welcome your comments.